How Your Scheduling Process Is like Playing ‘Pin the Tail on the Donkey’

Oct 01, 2015

Picture this scenario:
You arrive at the office one morning and your phone is already ringing off the hook. It is one of your technicians. You are not surprised. It appears your technician went to complete a service job, but another one of your technicians was already there working. Just the thought of having to figure out why the technicians were double booked gives you anxiety. Nevertheless, you open your spreadsheet to find another job for that technician to go to instead, hoping that the customer won’t be upset the technician is late. Not only does this consume a lot of your time, but it leaves you playing catch-up for the rest of the day.
If this sounds like one of the many scheduling complications you deal with on a daily basis, it might be a sign you need to upgrade your scheduling software solution. Without a proper construction and service management system in place to visualize and make proper schedule decisions, your service-based business will rely heavily on guesswork; similar to playing a game of pin the tail on the donkey.
Now, envision a scenario where you have full control of your scheduling process. Schedules for your technicians are created electronically, available online at any time of the day. Dispatch knows exactly where each field technician is at all times with GPS technology integration. Dispatchers can send technicians to the appropriate job close to their current location. Your technicians will be able to create new quotes and complete work orders from the field without ever having to return to the office. Not only will this allow your technicians to be more efficient in field, but your customers will be happy with your business’ service. Because your techs will be able to view necessary information such as previous work history and checklists directly from their mobile device, they will show up to the right job at the right time with the necessary materials required to complete that job. That sounds like the recipe to a satisfied customer.
Jonas Construction Software is an integrated construction management solution that contains core modules such as the Dispatch Scheduler as well as web-based modules such as eMobile. Providing full visibility, with service dispatch and mobility solutions on personnel, equipment, documents, and contracts, Jonas enables Service Managers to efficiently run their business and understand their profitability and utilization.
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