2014 Jonas Construction Software Year in Review & A Look Forward to 2015

Jonas Construction Software
In 2014, Jonas Construction Software grew at a rate of 18% adding 105 new clients, with the goal in mind of maintaining Jonas’ excellent customer experience. Jonas was also recognized by CIO Review magazine as one of the 20 Most Promising Construction Tech Solution Providers of 2014. This award recognizes companies that have the expertise and experience to enhance Construction Tech enabling enterprises to transform and optimize their business processes. On the business side, Jonas Construction Software has added a number of great new clients such as Harrell-Fish, Stiles Heating and Cooling, Doran Stewart Oilfield Services, Great Northern Plumbing, and Miguel Dairy Service just to name a few. Complimentary webinars were also introduced this past year, providing clients with continuous training while enabling them to use the software to its fullest extent.

Jonas Enterprise Construction Software
Job Scheduler, a new job cost module, was recently introduced to Jonas Enterprise Construction Software, which provides project managers with resource planning and scheduling as well as an integrated Gantt chart displaying all of their resources for any given job and task. Jonas has also enhanced their eMobile solution, which now provides field technicians with the ability to electronically capture images and documents on a work order, which is sent back to the office and vice versa. Orton Baker, Vice President of Development at Jonas Construction, highlights the main benefit of eMobile, “Jonas’ eMobile service allows field technicians to have all of the relevant tools and information at their fingertips to reduce inefficiencies in the billing cycle and increase collaboration across the organization.”

In addition, Jonas Enterprise understands that some clients want various deployment options, so they partnered with Black Mesh, an IT hosting company, which allows their clients to connect and utilize the whole software anytime and anywhere.

Jonas Premier Construction Software
2014 proved to be a productive and growing year for the true SaaS-based Jonas Premier Construction product. 40 new clients deployed this simple, yet powerful, construction cloud software last year. These new clients vary with size, but all have found Jonas Premier Software to be useful for their needs. 2014 also saw the expansion of this software internationally, with new clients signing on in Australia as well as China. If 2014 is any indication, 2015 looks to be a promising year ahead. Jonas Premier continues to focus on development and support, launching a mobile application that will allow for easier access for in-field technicians to perform their job autonomously while improving communication with their office. The Jonas Premier Field Mobile application will act as a ‘daily job log’ where technicians can input all aspects of the job within one clean and simple to use Android or iOS application.

Looking Forward to 2015
Steve Cowan, President of Jonas Construction, is excited and looking forward to a great year ahead in 2015, “With two products, Jonas Enterprise and Jonas Premier, we are better able to service and satisfy a greater part of the construction market, which in turn helps our customers grow through providing a superior customer experience.”

About Jonas Construction Software
Jonas Construction Software is an all-in one solution for service and construction based contractors. With over 1,000 clients, they deliver a superior customer and employee experience and their main focus is the success of the clients and having a positive impact. By integrating field and back-office into a single unified solution, Jonas delivers a solution that is leveraged by all areas of the business while providing a holistic view of the business at all levels.