Construction Reporting Software

Effectively measure your business with real-time and accurate information

With our construction reporting software, you can measure the business effectively by reporting from the high level to the job and work order level.


Report on utilization, profitability, revenue, costs and expenses at the consolidated level as well as the order, service person, asset and vehicle level.

Client Case Study

When Anh Diep came on board as Controller, Western Oil Services was using an older software system that wasn’t meeting their needs. “We were on Accpac and [the owner] wasn’t happy with it…one of the things we really didn’t like about Accpac is was the inability to get any good reports out of it.” On top of inadequate reporting capabilities, was one major problem – they needed to upgrade, but it came at a very steep price. “The straw that broke the camel’s back.. they provided a version upgrade, but it was going to cost $15,000 for the consultant,” says Diep. He knew it was time for a new software solution.


Customized & Standard Reports

Our construction reporting software gives you the ability to design and create your own user defined reports, customizable to suit your business needs. This module also has built in, easy to use standard reports that are ready for immediate use.

Automated Reports

Schedule reports to be automatically printed and/or emailed. Easily report on all information such as construction, purchasing, inventory, general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, work order, equipment, and service contracts.

Open Architecture

Our Microsoft SQL server database allows you to integrate data across multiple sources and create easy-to-read reports that update automatically. Reports can be created based on the desired set of attributes required, which provide you with detailed insights into your business.

Consolidated Reporting

Our reporting software solution allows you to generate reports for multiple companies, locations, and divisions. The consolidated report provides you with a complete view of how the business is doing, allowing you to make decisions based on accurate and real-time information.

Report Writer

In every module within Jonas, there is a report writer. Our report writers are fully integrated and can be printed directly through Microsoft Excel. The report writer allows you to extract information from the database with simple to use, drag and drop capabilities.