Software Built for Design Builders

At Jonas Premier, we build the software for those who build our world. Grow your business and add more value without having to invest in more resources. With true mobile integration, our intuitive construction app allows design builders to access the information needed to make quick decisions directly from their mobile device. Being 100% accessible through the cloud, you can always know where your business stands – wherever you may be.

Design Builder Software Capabilities


  • Mobile Apps for Time Entry & Daily Job Logs
  • Integrated Document Management to
    enable sharing on key documents
    with multiple parties
  • External Portal for Architects,
    Customers, Subcontractors to enable review of key documents
  • Accessible cloud software anywhere and anytime


  • Multi Company & Multi-Division & Inter-Company
  • Integrated Accounting & Job Costing & Project Management
  • Customized Reports & Forms for any Customer & Vendor
  • Leading Indicators & Alerts
  • Proactive Warnings & Exception Management Controls


  • WIP reporting
  • Summary & Detailed breakdown with 5 Levels of Job Costing
  • Cash flow Analysis
  • Detailed T&M Reports with Attached Back up
  • Actual vs. Committed vs. Estimated


  • Approved Change Orders link automatically to Progress Billing
  • Actual Costs Merge into T&M Billing
  • AP, PO & Change Order Approvals
  • Progress Billing Merge into AIA Form & AR Invoice
  • Auto Generation of Purchase Orders & Subcontracts from Estimate
  • Auto Generation of Subcontractors & Holdback/Retainage Tracking
  • Auto Storage of Documents & Emails


  • Purchase Order & Receipts
  • Subcontract & Compliance Tracking with Alerts & Email Notification
  • RFIs, Submittals, Transmittals, Punch List & Change Orders
  • Mobile App Access for Real Time Entry & Daily Job Logs
  • Schedule of Values for % Complete AIA 702/703
  • Estimating & Forecasting Costs & Revenue
  • Integration with MS Projects for Scheduling & Cash Flow
  • Integration with Outlook for Email Automation
  • Version Control & Document Sharing

Charlene, Centron Enterprises LLC

“I love Jonas! It is super simple to use. It has all of the functionality that our company is looking for in construction and accounting software. Jonas premier is perfect. The support service team is phenomenal.”