Concept Group is a team of 540 trades and technology professionals dedicated to electrical construction excellence. Their service offerings incorporate electrical, instrumentation, data, controls, HVAC, plumbing, security and fire life safety. Their aim is to excel in providing quality installations, developing a safe and rewarding environment for their valued workforce, and managing the growth and profitability of the company. With the goal in mind of improving the overall efficiency of their business, Concept decided to make a change. They were looking for a software solution that could reduce manual processes, decrease billing cycle times, and centralize their documents electronically, all while enhancing their employee satisfaction. Concept leveraged Jonas to improve upon their operational processes and provide them with a construction software solution that could handle all aspects of their business needs.



Prior to fully deploying Jonas, majority of Concept’s business processes were completed manually. With everything being done on paper, many problems arose. For starters, some of the technicians writing was illegible, which made entering data into the system quite difficult. Some invoices and work orders did not even make it back to the office, or did so weeks later, which delayed the billing process. “Everything was very paper driven. Work order creation and information captured in the field were all done on paper. The paperwork was not returned to the office until about two weeks later, sometimes dirty and unreadable. With all invoices being returned at about the same time, we ended up with stacks of paperwork to enter into the system as well,” stated Bob Gillis, General Manager at Concept Group. With their methods of completing work proving ineffective, Concept determined a change was necessary.



Jonas Construction Software enabled Concept to effectively utilize mobile functionalities, improve the accuracy and accessibility of their information, and enhance their billing process. Through partnering with Jonas, and implementing eMobile specifically, Concept has been able to increase technician productivity. “Every Friday morning, all of our technicians would be in the office delivering their paperwork, which took about 3-4 hours out of the week. Now, with Jonas eMobile in place, this time consuming process has been eliminated and their productivity has gone up by 10%.” Bob Gillis stated. Jonas eMobile has allowed their technicians to send information back to the office directly from their mobile device, which has reduced billing cycle time from 3 weeks to the same day in many cases. Jonas’ document management system, Digio, also allows Concept to better manage their invoices and POs within a central location, which provides better accuracy on costs and greater accessibility as well.



Through deploying all that Jonas has to offer, Concept is now running a more efficient and integrated operation. By reducing the amount of manual processes, their employees are much more satisfied and productive as well. As Bob Gillis stated, “Our team has really seen the benefits of having Jonas’ mobile solutions in place and everyone truly enjoys its functionalities.” With decreased billing cycle times, Concept’s customers are more satisfied. With same day billing, customers can receive invoices within minimal time after the job is complete. The ability to scan and store all invoices, POs, and packing slips through Jonas’ document management system has created a more organized and accessible system. With all documents centralized in one location, Concept is now able to review all documents much quicker and can therefore make more informed and timely decisions.



By reducing manual processes, decreasing their billing cycle times, and centralizing their information, Concept is now running a more productive business overall. Through increasing the capabilities of what Concept is able to accomplish, Jonas has provided them with the tools necessary to operate effectively. Whether it be in the field or at the office, Concept has seen a wide-range of benefits since deploying Jonas Construction Software. Having been using Jonas for about 18 years now, Concept embodies what it means to be a true Jonas partner.



Jonas Construction Software provides industry-leading business management and accounting software to our clients. Our fully-integrated solutions provide all of the tools that you need to increase productivity and improve your bottom line. At Jonas, we make it easier for companies to focus on what is important - their customers, their projects and their employees. We do this by streamlining their operations and giving better visibility to the entire organization. This gives your employees the tools to do their jobs better, support your customers and achieve your company goals.


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