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Gillam Group is a progressive construction management company established with a view to raising the bar in the planning, management, and delivery of construction projects. Their mission is to provide high-quality, customer-oriented construction services, resulting in successful projects and long-term business partners. With the goal in mind of running a more streamlined and efficient operation, Gillam Group wanted a construction software solution that could meet the needs of their business today, as well as in the future.

While their previous software system, QuickBooks, was able to perform basic accounting functions, it simply did not have the capabilities to grow with them as a company. Gillam Group quickly realized that if they wanted to better manage and operate their company, they would require a complete software solution that could handle all aspects of the business. With that being said, Gillam leveraged Jonas Premier Construction Software to improve upon the areas in which QuickBooks lacked and provide them with a truly integrated, cloud-based, construction software solution.

Recognizing The Problem

Prior to partnering with Jonas Premier, Gillam Group was using QuickBooks to handle their construction software needs. While QuickBooks was able to perform basic accounting functions, it lacked in many of the construction-specific areas Gillam Group required.

As Aziz Allana, Director of Finance & Accounting at Gillam Group stated, “With QuickBooks, we performed a lot of double entries, which were quite time-consuming, because QuickBooks was unable to provide reporting for project management.  Therefore, we had to use Microsoft Excel, which could not provide us with the real-time information we needed.”

Having information spread out across multiple software programs really posed a challenge for Gillam Group, which was one of the main reasons why they ultimately decided to go with Jonas Premier, a fully integrated and automated software solution.

Jonas Premier To The Rescue

With Jonas Premier now up and running, Gillam Group has seen numerous improvements across the business. As Aziz Allana stated, “With Premier’s integrated system, Gillam has been able to track Estimate at Completions (EAC’s) 20% more accurately by having current costs available to its project Mangers when forecasting each cost code. This has led to more consistent reporting month to month. As well, having purchase orders, sub-trade contract information and change orders entered in Jonas by site managers, the paper trail between site and the accounting department has been all but eliminated, with all Accounts Payable substantiation at the accountant’s finger tips.”

The fact that Premier is fully integrated allows Gillam Group greater infrastructure and keeps all of their information within one unified software solution, as opposed to spread out across numerous software, which can lead to data inconsistencies and errors. They are also able to search for and access information and documents much quicker, having all data stored in one location. With regards to job costing, Gillam Group is able to create more detailed and meaningful job cost reports that accurately reflect the current state of the business.


Since partnering with Jonas Premier, Gillam Group now has the ability to operate their business in real-time, which has proven to be extremely beneficial to the company. As Aziz stated, “Working with real numbers gives up the ability to operate in real-time, something we weren’t able to do previously with QuickBooks and Excel. Having information available in real-time allows us to make quicker, more effective decisions, which is essential to our business.” With Premier fully available through the cloud, Gillam Group is able to access documents and operate remotely, giving them greater accessibility. Also, if their server is down, they have the comfort in knowing they will still be able to operate the business through the cloud. Since making the transition to Jonas Premier, Gillam Group has also been able to significantly reduce the amount of physical paperwork and manual processes, which has helped to enhance the overall efficiency of their operation.


Gillam Group has been able to achieve incredible gains since partnering with Jonas Premier Construction Software. Not only have they roughly doubled their revenue since implementing Jonas Premier, they have done so by only increasing their back-office staff by 30%. Making the switch from QuickBooks means they can run more detailed, accurate, and easy to read job cost reports. Gillam Group is also working with numbers in real-time, allowing them to make more informed decisions regarding the business. Having all of their information securely stored in the cloud gives them greater accessibility, with the peace of mind knowing their data is safe. With Jonas Premier, Gillam Group knows they have a fully integrated cloud construction software solution that meets their needs today, as well as into the future as they continue to grow.

About Jonas Premier Construction Software

Jonas Premier is a fully integrated, cloud-based construction accounting software solution ideal for General Contracting businesses. Running in the cloud, it provides you with the ability to access and input key business information anytime, anywhere. It is built on modern software architecture, fully flexible and is simple to use. The complete offering for contractors includes: Accounting, Job Cost, Subcontract Management, Billing, Progress Billing, T&M Billing, Financials, Project Management, Bank Management, Purchase Order, Inventory, Time Entry, Integrated Document Storage, Field Mobile Apps, and Vendor and Customer Portals.

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