Jemlor Construction Case Study


Jemlor Construction is a general contractor specializing in hotel construction and renovation across Canada. Their goal is to continue expanding throughout Canada by developing and maintaining their business relationships. With the goal in mind of continued growth, Jemlor aims to better understand their business through increased visibility, greater insights, and an optimized operation overall. With their previous system of handling information, Microsoft Excel and Word, it became evident that this solution was not going to meet their future needs. Jemlor realized that if they wanted to grow as a company, a new software solution that could provide them with an accurate, real-time view of their business would need to be the foundation of their success moving forward. After investigating other software systems such as QuickBooks, Maestro, and Sage, Jemlor determined that Jonas Premier was the best solution to handle their construction software needs into the future.

Recognizing The Problem

Prior to partnering with Jonas Premier, Jemlor had no construction software solution in place and was using Microsoft Excel and Word to handle their software needs. Implementing a construction software solution was something that clearly needed to be addressed when Michael Grubsztajn first joined Jemlor about a year ago, “The fact that we were using Excel and Word was very frightening to me, especially when billing out millions of dollars a year and these were the tools we relied on to accomplish this.” Jemlor came to the realization that there needed to be a more organized and effective way to manage and understand the business. With that being said, Jemlor began the process of searching for a construction software solution that could provide them with the insights and visibility into the business required to make accurate, more informed decisions.

Jonas Premier To The Rescue

Jonas Premier has helped Jemlor improve their operational efficiency in a variety of ways. With Premier, Jemlor is now able to better understand what areas of the business are performing as or better than expected and which areas need improvement.

With the forms available in Premier, not only are they much more aesthetically pleasing, but also provide greater, more accurate information as Michael explains, “We do a lot of cost-plus billing, and Premier allows us to create and utilize forms that encompass all aspects of each project in a very simple, easy to use format. Our clients have commented on how nice and easy to read our forms are, and they have really improved our level of professionalism overall.”

Jonas Premier provides Jemlor with a complete view of the business and gives them the ability to analyze each project in greater depth, which in turns provides them with the necessary information to make better decisions and ultimately increase the profitability of each project.


Since partnering with Jonas Premier, Jemlor has reduced the time to prepare a billing by half the amount of time it took them previously. As Michael stated, “On the administrative side, we are able to enter expenses into the system as they come in, which will help to reduce the amount of time spent on preparing a billing, and this time can be used on other tasks allowing us to be more productive overall.” Another benefit Jemlor has experienced has been the ability to work remotely. With Premier being a fully cloud-based construction software solution, Jemlor is able to work and manage projects remotely, with the ability to integrate with other cloud-based software such as Microsoft Office 365 and Dropbox. This has proved quite beneficial to Jemlor, as they can be much more productive overall and no longer are required to come back to the office to run their business.


In the short time that Jemlor has been a partner with Jonas Premier, the gains have already been tremendous. Thanks to the quick implementation and training process, Jemlor was able to have Premier up and running in no time. Jemlor is now operating much more efficiently and they are able to better track and manage how their business is doing at all levels. With Premiers’ cloud-based software solution, Jemlor is a more productive company overall as they are able to work remotely and make quicker, more informed decisions. With Jonas Premier, Jemlor is confident that they have the right software solution to grow with their business.

About Jonas Premier Construction Software

Jonas Premier is a fully integrated, cloud-based construction accounting software solution ideal for General Contracting businesses. Running in the cloud, it provides you with the ability to access and input key business information anytime, anywhere. It is built on modern software architecture, fully flexible and is simple to use. The complete offering for contractors includes: Accounting, Job Cost, Subcontract Management, Billing, Progress Billing, T&M Billing, Financials, Project Management, Bank Management, Purchase Order, Inventory, Time Entry, Integrated Document Storage, Field Mobile Apps, and Vendor and Customer Portals.

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