Killarney Constructors Case Study


Killarney Constructors is an Ontario-based company specializing in civil earthworks and concrete work for both renewable and conventional local utility projects. After 3 years in operation, the company continues to grow rapidly, with a large number of active projects.

“Every week, I can look and know where we stand on any job cost-wise vs. budget pretty accurately at any given time.”

Recognizing The Problem

Chris Campbell started Killarney Constructors about 3 years ago. Since inception, their annual revenue has grown from 1.7 million to 9 million. It quickly become apparent to Campbell that off-the-shelf accounting software like QuickBooks® would no longer do the trick. “We were growing and off-the shelf software was…easy for getting started…but we outgrew it pretty fast.”

Jonas Construction Software To The Rescue

When deciding on a new software solution, Campbell had two key needs: mobility and accuracy. Premier, from Jonas Construction Software, was exactly what Campbell was looking for. As one of the only cloud-based construction software on the market, Premier gave Campbell the flexibility he needed. “I can log in from anywhere and do anything I need to do. I can work from home and it’s the same thing as being in the office.” And as a small and growing company, the low-cost and free feedback-based upgrades made Premier the perfect fit.


Being one of the first to use Premier, Campbell worked closely with Jonas to fix bugs and improve the software. Even now, he still sends a “wish list” of features for implementation into future products— because he knows Jonas listens, and responds. In fact, 15% of Jonas’ annual revenue is dedicated to product innovation. Tracking job costs vs. budgets accurately is paramount to Killarney’s business. Campbell extracts data daily so that he knows where they stand on any project at any given time. “Every week, I can look and know where we stand on any job cost-wise vs. budget pretty accurately at any given time,” says Campbell. The process is intuitive, seamless and can be done from anywhere, anytime.


Killarney Constructors is on the move – acquiring new clients and projects – and Premier continues support their growing needs. “Premier will probably suit us quite well for quite a while,” notes Campbell. As the company grows, he hopes to start using more modules, including Forecasting, to help allocate budgets for future projects.

About Jonas Construction Software

Jonas Construction Software provides industry-leading business management and accounting software to our clients. Our fully-integrated solutions provide all of the tools that you need to increase productivity and improve your bottom line. At Jonas, we make it easier for companies to focus on what is important – their customers, their projects and their employees. We do this by streamlining their operations and giving better visibility to the entire organization. This gives your employees the t

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