Land Development And Construction Case Study


Land Development & Construction offers professional construction services for both their own ground-up development projects, as well as projects for 3rd party owners and developers. Their goal is to actively engage in the economic development of the Central Austin area by creating high quality, profitable land development & construction projects. Always looking to continually improve and grow the business, LD&C wanted a construction specific software solution that could meet their needs. While QuickBooks, their previous software system, performed basic accounting functions adequately, QuickBooks was ineffective when it came to job costing, which is an integral part of their construction business. With that being said, LD&C decided it was necessary to make a change, and determined Jonas Premier would be the ideal software solution for them moving forward.

Jonas Premier To The Rescue

Jonas Premier has helped LD&C reduced their reconciliations, improve their accessibility, and automate their business processes. While updating job costs with actuals specifically, LD&C saves a lot of time by not having to manually enter actual job costs into a job costing program, as well as not having to enter commitment changes into a separate accounting software.

As Bill Knauss stated, “With regards to updating job costs with actuals, having project management software integrated with accounting software through Jonas Premier allows us to perform job costing in real time, without the need for double entry.”

LD&C is also better able to access information within Jonas Premier, which has improved considerably compared to their previous system. Everything is available to LD&C in one single location, allowing them to not only access information quicker, but also avoid using multiple software systems to achieve what Premier is able to do. Also, with greater automated functionality, LD&C has been able to effectively eliminate error prone double entries, which has reduced the amount of mistakes and has allowed them to be more productive overall as well.


Since partnering with Jonas Premier, the cloud capabilities have enabled LD&C to perform their jobs from anywhere, at any time. “As a company, we’re not typically in the office all day, every day. Having a cloud-based construction software like Jonas Premier allows us to perform our jobs wherever we may be and fits in well with our business model,” stated Bill Knauss. Another benefit LD&C has experienced with Jonas Premier has been with reporting. Premier has provided LD&C with the ability to generate reports across multiple companies, all through one integrated software solution, which saves them time and avoids data redundancy. With Premier being a construction specific software solution, it truly fits with LD&C as a business and provides them with a unified system that can handle all of their construction software requirements.


During the time LD&C has partnered with Jonas Premier, they have been able to enhance their overall efficiency and leverage Premier to generate reports and perform month end reconciliations much quicker. With everything stored in a single, integrated, cloud-based construction software, LD&C is able to access information faster and perform both job cost and project management functions without having to invest in additional third-party software. The cloud also provides them with greater accessibility to their information, giving them access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The automated nature of Jonas Premier has helped LD&C cut down on mistakes and error prone double entries, which has been extremely beneficial to their business. LD&C’s experience with Jonas Premier has been positive overall thus far, with the future looking promising as well.

About Jonas Premier Construction Software

Jonas Premier is a fully integrated, cloud-based construction accounting software solution ideal for General Contracting businesses. Running in the cloud, it provides you with the ability to access and input key business information anytime, anywhere. It is built on modern software architecture, fully flexible and is simple to use. The complete offering for contractors includes: Accounting, Job Cost, Subcontract Management, Billing, Progress Billing, T&M Billing, Financials, Project Management, Bank Management, Purchase Order, Inventory, Time Entry, Integrated Do

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