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Flexible IT Strategic Planning for the Next Five Years (Featured in CFMA Building Profits Magazine)

With increasingly available options for technology and vendor management as well as hardware and software selection, creating a flexible IT strategic plan is paramount to a company’s success. This article will examine how to create an effective IT strateg…
While many contractors develop an overall business strategy, information technology (IT) is often underrepresented. However, with the ongoing shift toward a more automated and int…

Jonas Premier Announces Integration with PlanGrid

- - Jonas Premier Announces Integration with PlanGrid Jonas Premier, a leading all-in-one, true cloud accounting, job cost and project management software solution, announc…

Jonas Construction Software Participates in Cake Sponsorship for Canada’s 150th Birthday

- - Jonas Construction Software Participates in Cake Sponsorship for Canada’s 150th Birthday Jonas Construction Software recently participated in a local community art proj…

Jonas Construction Software Outpacing the Construction Management Software Market

- - Jonas Construction Software Outpacing the Construction Management Software Market While the construction management software market is expected to grow steadily at a CA…

Jonas Interview with 24/7 Massachusetts Contractors Academy

This interview with 24/7 Massachusetts Contractors Academy discusses the impact that software can have on construction companies, as well as where it fits in an industry that continues to evolve and adopt technology.
Yana Tcharnaia, Sales Manager at Jonas Construction Software recently did an interview with 24/7 Massachusetts Contractors Academy on how software is becoming more widespread with…

5 Important Features A Contracting Website Must Have

This blog post looks at five important features a contracting website must have in order to improve the overall effectiveness and search presence of your site.
For contracting businesses of all kinds, having an effective website becomes more important every day. The reason is simple — the mobile Internet. Currently, 77 percent of America…

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