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Your Customers Self-Service Portal

One-stop-shop for your customers.

Complete visibility into your customers’ day-to-day interactions with your business.

Extend your customer service and enable customers to manage their own self-service.

Give your customers online access to create service work orders, reports, equipment history, by allowing customers to navigate all of their invoices and service contracts.


Prior to Jonas, locating service reports in the companies’ library was extremely difficult, and often the report would either be missing or in the wrong place. Since implementing Jonas, BAULNE is now able to answer customers’ questions with a few clicks, directly from Jonas.
BAULNE – HVAC and Mechanical Services

eService Functionality

Empower Your Clients

Provide your customers a secure location where they can manage all aspects of their work orders.

Streamlined Work Order Management

Reduce e-mail and phone WO requests, and allow your customers to create and manage work orders in one place.

Complete Service Items and Contracts Management

For your customers with equipment, use our eService portal to view all relevant equipment information.

Your Competitive Edge

Providing your clients with round-the-clock support can give you a competitive advantage with existing clients and new businesses. Increase customer satisfaction and save your organization time supporting your customers with a self service portal.

White-label As You Wish

Maintain your customer experience by white-labelling your self service portal software. Keep it fully on-brand with customization options.

Detailed reports for better decision-making

Reporting tools improve the decision-making process. Giving your customers the ability to run their own reports puts the power in their hands. Make their lives easier with the following reports and functionality.

Keep Your Data Safe and Secure

Use security features to ensure that sensitive data remains safe at all times. The following features provide you with the flexibility to be as secure as you need to be.

Jonas Cloud Takes Your Service Management Needs to the Next Level

Provide easy access to service-related information any time, anywhere. Allow customers to access work order details, drill down into invoices and supporting documents from any connected device. Provide customers with the right tools and knowledge base that they need in order to communicate efficiently, make better decisions, solve problems and resolve issues.

the Next Level

Client Case Study

BAULNE offers complete HVAC and mechanical services, with a primary focus on three main areas: design-build, maintenance, and optimization. The company has been operating in Quebec since 2002.

As their service business continued to grow and evolve, BAULNE determined that it was time to start looking for a more complete, fully integrated software solution.

Having Jonas in place has provided BAULNE with many benefits, including:

Frequently Asked Questions

One of the ways construction and service-based businesses improve their customer relationships is through transparency. Being transparent means you increase your trust factor while also streamlining communications. Giving your customers the knowledge and access to create service tickets, view invoices, and approve documents means that they are no longer reaching out to you to address every business need. In a sense, customers can help themselves, which consequently frees up your time, which is one of the many benefits of this support portal. It also enhances their customer experiences and will reduce your customer’s issues and any additional more complex issues.

Implementing a customer service portal allows you to use it as an added value proposition. In short, the client service portal is a great selling feature, especially as your company grows. Offering a client service portal highlights the business value of working with your company or organization. By providing a client service portal, you’re providing customers an opportunity to be included while creating operational efficiency.

Discover better customer self service solutions

Provide your customers the eService portal and watch your customer satisfaction rate grow.