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Human ResourcesOperations

Top Construction Industry Trends for 2022

After a turbulent start to a decade that was marked by a lot of uncertainty for construction companies across the globe, where does the construction …

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Construction labor shortage
construction labor shortagelabor shortageOperationsUS labor shortage

7 Ways to Adapt to Labor Shortage in Construction

If you find it challenging to find skilled workers to fill vacancies on your job or service sites, you’re not alone. The construction industry has …

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construction project scheduling
construction schedulerconstruction schedulingconstruction scheduling softwareOperationsProject Management

How to Make a Construction Schedule: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you are a construction manager, you know one, employ one, or report to one, this article is for you! The challenges that construction managers …

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Accounts receivable in construction industry
Accountingaccounts receivable software for construction companyconstruction accounts receivableconstruction accounts receivable financingOperationsremote construction accounts receivable

6 Tips for Effectively Managing Accounts Receivable in the Construction Industry

Most construction and service companies operate by allowing a portion of their trades to be on credit. When your company extends credit to customers for …

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A contractor at a construction job site
Canadian construction industry statisticsFuture of constructionFuture of construction industryFuture of construction industry in CanadaOperations

30+ Canada Construction Statistics Contractors Should Know

From Alberta to Vancouver, Saskatchewan to Manitoba, and even Newfoundland and Labrador, construction companies across Canada had to adapt significantly to survive and overcome the …

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Two construction project managers looking at a tablet at a job site
Operationsrisk management and constructionrisk management examples in constructionrisk management framework for construction projectsrisk management in construction industryrisk management in construction projects

Construction Risk Management: The Ultimate Guide to Assessing & Managing Your Risks

There’s simply no denying the fact that construction is a risky business! Every day, your construction business is faced with many risks that could negatively …

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A construction project manager looking at a laptop on a job site
Construction risk management planconstruction risk management plan templateOperationsrisk management plan example constructionrisk management plan for construction projectrisk management plan in construction

7 Key Elements of a Construction Risk Management Plan: Manage Your Project Risks

Effective risk management poses a particular challenge for construction companies. On one hand, various risk factors have to be considered before, during, and after the construction project. …

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Two HVAC technicians
Industrial refrigeration servicesOperationsRefrigeration factsRefrigeration industry

“Cool” Refrigeration Facts & Stats You Need to Know

What would life look like without fresh fruit, frozen meals, or ice cream? How would it feel if you had to go to the grocery …

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Construction injury and death statistics United StatesConstruction project revenue United State statisticsOperationsUnited States Construction Industry StatisticsUnited States Construction StatisticsUSA Construction Statistics

30+ Must-Know United States Construction Statistics

The United States Construction industry is one of the top revenue-generating industries in the world! However, it’s still important for this industry to continue to …

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The Benefit of a Construction ERP vs a Stand-Alone System

Feb 04, 2021 The construction industry is going strong despite the global crisis. New technologies are one of the reasons for this robust growth. “Smart” …

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