Flexible IT Strategic Planning for the Next Five Years (Featured in CFMA Building Profits Magazine)

Aug 31, 2017

While many contractors develop an overall business strategy, information technology (IT) is often underrepresented. However, with the ongoing shift toward a more automated and integrated workforce, IT must play a more important role than ever before. An IT strategic plan develops a set of guidelines on how systems, hardware, and software will be utilized to achieve a company’s overall strategic vision.

With increasingly available options for technology and vendor management as well as hardware and software selection, creating a flexible IT strategic plan is paramount to a company’s success. Without an IT strategic plan in place and with the continued use of outdated systems, contractors risk declining profitability, reduced productivity, and not achieving their goals.

This article will examine how to create an effective IT strategic plan, as well as how to develop milestones to ensure the plan is aligned with the company’s goals. You will gain an understanding of maximizing current equipment and tools, cost-effective strategies, and common mistakes to avoid when developing an IT strategic plan.

This article will explain how you can:

  1. Create an effective IT strategic plan.
  2. Maximize current equipment and tools, as well as cost effective strategies.
  3. Develop milestones to ensure the plan is aligned with your company’s goals.
  4. Avoid the common pitfalls when developing an IT strategic plan.