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Construction Accounts Payable Software

Avoid the possibility of overpayment with real-time verification.
Jonas Construction Management Software makes managing payables easy, by linking your invoices with your POs and subcontractor agreements

navigation menu and easily accessible tabs for different features such as dashboard, projects, service and accounting.

Alt text: "A screenshot of Jonas Construction Software's supplier management interface showing a list of specialty contractors with their respective supplier codes and addresses. The user-friendly design includes a top navigation bar for easy access to dashboard, projects, service and accounting features.

Easily manage all of your vendors and keep your invoices under control

Manage invoices simply and efficiently. Reduce data entry and eliminate errors with approved workflow capabilities.

Alt text: Screenshot of Jonas Construction Software's document management system interface, with an 'approver inbox' open and columns titled type, document name, document ID, and priority displayed.

Get on top of your invoices and produce  timely reports to help you make informed business decisions. Gain full insight into who and what you are paying for.


Uncover new efficiencies with the Accounts Payable module in Jonas Construction & Service Software.

Accounts Payable in Jonas keeps the entire cash flow process streamlined and allows you to take full control of your invoices, vendors, and payments in one place.


Having purchase orders, sub-trade contract information and change orders entered in Jonas by site managers, the paper trail between site and the accounting department has been all but eliminated, with all Accounts Payable substantiation at the accountant’s fingertips.
Aziz Allana Director of Finance & Accounting
against a white background. This central element represents the innovative structure of construction projects, hinting at the profile of a building in an abstract geometric design.

Accounts Payable Functionality

Easy AP Invoice Management

Keep all supplier invoices in one centralized location.

Alt text: A computer monitor featuring Jonas Construction Software's supplier inquiry window, detailing an organized list of supplier names, codes, and addresses for mechanical contractors to review.
Computer screen showing software interface specially designed for mechanical contractors' project management. Display features a clicked open drop-down menu revealing a table of names and descriptions.

Efficient AP Automation

Save time on data entry by linking Purchase Orders to Work Orders, Jobs, Equipment, and your General Ledger. Here’s how having an automated AP helps your employees:

Spend Less Time Paying Invoices

Find the invoices you want to pay in a few simple steps and save time & resources with direct deposit to your suppliers.

period, and filter options.

Alt text: A detailed view of Jonas Construction Software's accounting interface featuring a cash requirement lists dashboard. Dropdown menus allow for company, sub-ledger, and period selection along with filter options to enable streamlined financial management in the construction industry.
An illustrative screenshot of the 'accounts payable' user interface in Jonas Construction's ERP software. The image shows a comprehensive table listing suppliers' names, codes, statuses, and addresses to help manage payments. Also visible are various clickable menu options and toolbars for easy navigation.

Get granular with Enhanced Reporting

Staying on top of your AP process at all times is important for the success of construction and service businesses in the construction industry.

Jonas Cloud Takes Your Construction Accounting to the Next Level

The importance of an efficient accounts payable process for construction and service businesses cannot be overstated. With the cloud, access reports anytime, anywhere. Our construction accounting software solution puts you at the top of your Accounts Payable and in control of your cash flow.

Alt text: A happy construction worker using Jonas Construction Software on a tablet, in an outdoor industrial setting.

Client Case Study

Gillam Group is a forward-thinking construction company, specializing in construction management, design-build, and general industrial, commercial, and institutional contracting.

With the aim of running a more streamlined and efficient operation, Gillam Group wanted a construction accounting platform that could grow with them as a company.

against a white background. This central element represents the innovative structure of construction projects, hinting at the profile of a building in an abstract geometric design.

Having Jonas in place has provided Gillam Group with:

Frequently Asked Questions

Accounts Payable (A/P) is an account within the general ledger that represents a company’s obligation to pay off a short-term debt to its creditors or suppliers.
Getting your purchase orders and subcontractor invoices paid on time is crucial for your construction business on many fronts. The most obvious is that it helps you avoid late fees or interest charges and missing out on supplier discounts. Additionally, it’s important to have proper retention/holdback tracking allocated across your GL and Jobs. Not doing so may result in the incorrect job costing. That’s why an Accounts Payable module with integration is the popular choice in construction accounting.
Better accounts payable management is vital for the smooth functioning process of your construction business. Here’s what your accounting team can do to improve your AP:
  • Keep track of your vendors and spending to properly managing your expenses
  • Calculate your retainage/holdback
  • Invest in an integrated system that connects your AP with Labor, Projects, Service Work Orders, POs, Subcontractors, and Equipment

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