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Construction accountant working on a computer with a construction site in background

Money Saving Tips For US Service & Construction Business Owners

Owning a construction business comes with its own set of unique challenges, one of which is funding and supporting your business and knowing how to …

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Construction blueprint with tape measure.
General Contractors

30+ Interesting Contractor Statistics You Should Know in 2022

Owning or managing a construction contractor business keeps you busy around the clock. So how can you keep up with industry changes in order to …

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Stacks of coins and a hand putting a coin in a jar full of coins.

The Ultimate Money-Saving Resource for Construction & Service Businesses (Canadian Edition)

As a service or construction business, you might be wondering what programs are available to help you earn some extra cash. In Canada, there are …

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Group of people working together with their construction software.

A Guide to Choosing Construction Management Software With or Without Accounting

While service and construction management software can make work life easier and more productive for both office and field teams, finding the right software for …

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Human ResourcesOperations

Top Construction Industry Trends for 2022

After a turbulent start to a decade that was marked by a lot of uncertainty for construction companies across the globe, where does the construction …

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Construction labor shortage

7 Ways to Adapt to Labor Shortage in Construction

If you find it challenging to find skilled workers to fill vacancies on your job or service sites, you’re not alone. The construction industry has …

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AccountingProject Management

Jonas Construction Software Announces Procore Partnership to Deepen Integration Between Project Management and Accounting Systems

Facilitate information flow between project management and accounting solutions to address the needs of owners/operators, project managers, and accounting teams MARKHAM, ON – November 3, …

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construction project scheduling
OperationsProject Management

How to Make a Construction Schedule: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you are a construction manager, you know one, employ one, or report to one, this article is for you! The challenges that construction managers …

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Construction process management
Project ManagementService Management

12 Essential Construction Process Management Steps that Project Managers Should Follow

Construction projects are one-of-a-kind, lengthy and complex. They have timelines that are measured in years, and this leaves much room for error. How do you …

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Accounts receivable in construction industry

6 Tips for Effectively Managing Accounts Receivable in the Construction Industry

Most construction and service companies operate by allowing a portion of their trades to be on credit. When your company extends credit to customers for …

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