Are You Driving Blind When it comes to Your Construction Dashboard?

Aug 18, 2015

Envision yourself driving home from work one evening and you take a quick glance down to your car dashboard. Think about all of the information you can gather within a few seconds just by checking the dashboard. You can see how much gas you have remaining, what speed you are going, how much mileage your car has driven, if your engine is overheating, and even the current weather temperature outside. Visualize a scenario where the car dashboard did not exist, and you can only imagine what kind of problems that could cause. You most likely would be running out of gas on a regular basis, speeding tickets would become commonplace, and it would be difficult to know when your car is due for maintenance, just to name a few issues.
Now imagine this is how you were running your construction business. Not only would you be doing a lot more guesswork to understand how your business is doing and guessing if you are over/under budget, but a lot more time and effort would be needed to simply figure out where your business stands. Utilizing multiple systems and spreadsheets to gather the information required to effectively manage your projects would also be difficult to say the least. This does not seem like a successful strategy to running an efficient business. Only if there was a solution to this problem… Luckily, Jonas Construction Software offers a solution to this very problem with their Project Management and document management modules.
The Project Management component collects and stores all of the information required to create the dashboard within one single solution. You are able to generate comprehensive change orders and key job documents including RFIs, submittals, transmittals and meeting minutes. You are able to have project managers enter in time from the field for the correct job and phase. You can also customize your dashboard and use our drill down functionality in job views to review forecasted, estimated, committed and actual costs. Easily open and access any related document to your job in a matter of seconds with the document management module. This will help strengthen team collaboration, deliver your projects on time and on budget, and improve the overall success of your projects.
The document management system centralizes all of your documents to help streamline workflow and approval processes. The system is integrated with Jonas and Microsoft Office applications so key documents are automatically stored. It allows you to upload or scan documents and index them based on your customized set of attributes such as job number, customer, work order, or equipment. This makes it easy to search and retrieve documents. Also, the Magic Search feature automatically retrieves related documents as you navigate through Jonas’ modules. Click the link to watch a video demo on Digio, Jonas’ document management system.
Visit the project management page for further information.