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Construction Equipment Management Software

Track and maximize your equipment.
for entering equipment details, date, hours, and comments. Buttons for saving or clearing the entered data are present at the bottom of the interface.

Boost equipment performance with data-driven equipment management

Assess the profitability of equipment with expense and revenue tracking on projects and work orders.
calendar for scheduling maintenance.

Understand your equipment value – Charge equipment costs to jobs/work orders, track rented equipment, and record depreciation all from one place.


When it came to performing a task such as equipment management, for example, our old software did not have this capability, so we had to utilize other third-party software solutions and then import the data, which made the process quite arduous. With Jonas, our service is a lot more efficient and we are able to handle a greater amount of jobs without having to add any additional back-office staff.
upward in the shape of a mechanical gear.
Charla Smith Controller – BCI Mechanical

Equipment Management Functionality

Get a Clear Picture of the State of Your Equipment

Monitor rented and owned assets and make better decisions for your equipment.
menus and navigation buttons are also visible, signalling the software's customizable and user-friendly approach for managing construction equipment data.
Alt text: Screenshot of Jonas Construction Software's equipment registry interface, showcasing a detailed table with columns for mechanical contractor information such as id, code, country, description, age and amount.

Track Equipment Usage

With accurate and up-to-date equipment usage data, you can deploy equipment where it’s needed most. You can use one of the following methods:

Analyze Depreciation

Record depreciation for individual pieces of equipment and in order to understand their value.

Animated gif of Jonas Construction Software's interface for construction accounting equipment inventory management. The cursor navigates and updates fields like equipment model, status, and purchase date.
is a well-lit office with a person, who is partially visible, working on the software.

Alt text: A detailed view of Jonas Construction Software interface displayed on a computer screen showcasing equipment database management, featuring an organized table with various equipment details and an eye-catching multicolored pie chart portraying different equipment categories. The scene is set in a brightly lit office with an individual busily engrossed in working on the software.

Analyze Equipment Profitability

Ensure equipment profitability by tracking associated expenses and revenue.

Preventative Equipment Maintenance and Repairs

Easily plan, track, and optimize preventive maintenance.

items such as 'Excavator', 'Bulldozer' and 'Crane'.

Alt text: Screenshot showing the user interface of our construction accounting software, featuring tabs like 'Equipment List' and 'Maintenance Schedules'. The focus is on a form for entering equipment details with a smaller window listing various heavy machinery names like an ‘Excavator’, ‘Bulldozer’ and ‘Crane’.
Alt text: Screenshot of Jonas Construction Software's excel spreadsheet interface with various columns featuring project data including the project number, detailed description, assigned project manager, current status of the project and financial breakdown such as contract value, change orders and total. Purposefully built for mechanical contractors to streamline their operations management process.

Fully Integrated

Our construction equipment management software is fully integrated with inventory, general ledger, purchase orders, jobs and project management, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and payroll.

Manage Your Equipment from Anywhere with Jonas Cloud

Keeping track of your machinery, tools, trucks, and other equipment assets can be done from the field using a mobile device. Ensure secure storage and easy access to your equipment-related data in the cloud so your teams can remain productive anywhere.

Alt Text: A bearded man, donned in a checkered shirt, is diligently working on Jonas Construction Software at his spacious desk equipped with dual monitors, a laptop and a cup of coffee. The office around him is awash with natural light.
Screen shot of Jonas Construction Software's comprehensive business analytics dashboard displaying various data visualizations like bar and line graphs, a pie chart, and numerical data metrics specifically designed for mechanical contractors' usage across several panels.

Client Case Study

BCI Mechanical Inc. specializes in air conditioning and plumbing solutions, primarily servicing the private residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. It has operated in Texas since 1984.

With the aim of growing their business and integrating their functional areas, BCI realized their current software system was no longer meeting their needs going forward.

Having Jonas in place has provided BCI Mechanical with:

Frequently Asked Questions

In any construction business, equipment breakdowns happen every now and then. Tools inherently come with an expiry date and depreciate over time. Like most things in life, the better you take care of something, the longer it lasts. If you want to make the best out of your equipment, you should consider employing certain equipment management best practices, such as:
  • Regular maintenance to prolong life expectancy.
  • Continued depreciation and revenue tracking.
  • Discontinuing use of the equipment, or reselling it to salvage value.
A key component of profitable construction & service jobs is real-time visibility and tracking of all of your equipment and tools. By using a dedicated equipment management software you can accurately track costs, mobilize assets, measure utilization, and charge costs to specific job sites or tasks. Tracking equipment makes your construction management process more efficient and ultimately boosts your profits.

Manage your equipment like a pro and increase profitability by making better use of your equipment.

Make a positive influence on your bottom line with a modern construction equipment management software solution to easily track equipment usage and maintenance schedules.