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Multi-Company Construction Accounting Software

Manage all your companies in one place.
showing "contract value" and "invoice aging".

Rise above the challenges that come with multi-company, inter-company and multi-entity accounting

Save time and ensure accuracy across transactions with automated multi-company and inter-company processing
Alt text: An image showing Jonas Construction Software's user-friendly interface where a detailed Income Statement is displayed. Columns include the current month, year-to-date, previous year's figures for both the same month and year-to-date, as well as variance. The statement covers comprehensive revenue and expenditure categories to streamline construction accounting processes.

Gain control of your multi-company financials with unified accounting without having to switch to another company database.

Our multi-company construction accounting software was built for the construction industry. This solution helps construction & service companies looking for a better way to manage and operate their multiple businesses and profit centers.


When you have a group of companies, it is important to be able to make intercompany transactions. Jonas gives us the ability to manage and make changes that impact all five companies from one location, which is a big time saver for us.
The alt text for the image is "Logo of Western Mechanical Contractors Ltd. featuring 'WMC' acronym in bold gray letters and the full company name below.

Daniel Damphousse

Vice President of Finance – The WISL Group

Multi-Company Accounting Functionality

Multi-Company & Multi-Division Accounting

Use our construction accounting software to easily manage the financials of multiple companies and divisions.

Alt text: A screenshot of Jonas Construction Software interface displaying an "edit AP invoice batches" window. This comprehensive screen features various tabs and data fields for key invoice details such as number, date, total amount, and vendor information. The layout reflects the software's focus on ease of use and streamlined operations in the construction industry.
the results with columns for debit, credit, balance, and details.

Granular Reporting and Drill-Down

Run multiple reports in order to gain complete visibility into your financial health across companies and divisions. 

Multi-Level Access Control

Set restrictions on who can access specific companies, divisions, and accounting functions based on your specific needs.

"Interface screenshot of Jonas Construction Software displaying various menu options including 'dashboard', 'user list' and 'reports'. The main section showcases the detailed list of users showing their respective usernames and emails.
Richmond Electrical. An arrow cursor is hovering over the "Add new company" button.

Alt text: A screenshot of Jonas Construction Software's Inter-company Relationships feature, showcasing a dropdown menu of various businesses in Company A with the option to add a new company, demonstrating its user-friendly interface for managing multiple business profiles.

Fully Integrated

With all modules deeply integrated, multi-company functionality saves you time and ensures integrity by eliminating double entries and manual errors.

Stay Connected with Jonas Cloud

With our Cloud hosting platform, access any of your companies, and any of your divisions anytime, anywhere. Securely manage multi-company accounts using the power of the cloud. Inter-company accounting is handled automatically and with a full audit trail.

Jonas’ multi-entity construction accounting software provides real-time reporting and analytics across all companies and streamlines inter-company activities.

Alt Text: A bearded man, donned in a checkered shirt, is diligently working on Jonas Construction Software at his spacious desk equipped with dual monitors, a laptop and a cup of coffee. The office around him is awash with natural light.
Screen shot of Jonas Construction Software's comprehensive business analytics dashboard displaying various data visualizations like bar and line graphs, a pie chart, and numerical data metrics specifically designed for mechanical contractors' usage across several panels.

Client Case Study

THE WISL GROUP is the leader in delivering industrial and heavy commercial specialty construction services for commercial and industrial clients since 1955.

To integrate their functional areas and improve their business processes, Western Industrial wanted to replace their legacy system and enhance the overall efficiency and productivity of their operations.

Having Jonas Enterprise in place has provided WISL Group with the following:

Frequently Asked Questions

Multi-company functionality can improve project management and financial visibility and allow the creation of new reports to help make better decisions. Allowing for inter-company transactions will reduce the amount of work needed and will increase collaboration across multiple businesses.

Consolidated financial reports, that span all of your companies, provides visibility into the health of your companies.

The automation provided via Jonas software for multiple companies and divisions helps shorten month-end reviewing time. You can cut dozens of hours from your accounting processes each week by eliminating any sort of manual processes or workarounds, such as the use of spreadsheets.

QuickBooks Online only allows one company per subscription. Each additional company will require a new QuickBooks Online account. While QuickBooks is a great choice for small businesses, it has limitations once you begin adding entities. Building reports with separate reporting requirements is difficult without some level of export process to Excel. 

Additionally, Quickbooks only has one chart of accounts, meaning you will have to have a separate QuickBooks account for every entity if it needs its own chart of accounts. Transactions between entities, such as intercompany billing, are possible but are difficult to properly handle and monitor. Instead, Jonas Construction Management Software is specifically designed with multi-company accounting in mind.

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