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Contractor Dispatch Scheduling Software

Streamline your service operation and increase productivity with a service dispatch software solution.
Alt text: Screenshot of Jonas Construction software interface showing a schedule with overlapping appointment windows. Each window details different construction tasks like 'replace main electrical panel' and 'oven maintenance', slotted at various times and marked with the respective contractor's name.

Manage your technicians and equipment all from one view

Streamline your scheduling and technician assignment. Get technicians, equipment, and materials to the right place at the right time with Jonas scheduling & dispatch service management software.

of appointments.

Alt text: "Digital weekly calendar interface designed for specialty contractors, featuring color-coded appointment types spread across multiple days.

Reduce time-consuming and tedious tasks, and give your dispatchers full visibility into resources.


With the Dispatch Scheduler, our customers are definitely getting better service from us. They are more satisfied now that we are able to respond to their service calls quicker and we are able to utilize our technicians more effectively as well.
Logo image displaying Jonas Construction's brand. Features a stylized skyline with tall buildings cleverly integrated into 'Jonas,' which is written in bold uppercase letters. The entire design is presented in various shades of gray, showcasing the industry involved - construction.
Theresa Martin Controller – Malek Inc.

Dispatch Scheduling Functionality

Drag and Drop Functionality

Assigning and re-assigning the right techs to work sites is fast with drag-and-drop simplicity.

. Appointment snippets show the task title, construction site name and assigned employees. On the right-hand side, there's a drop-down panel listing all projects in progress, prioritized by deadline dates if any.
An iPad displaying the Jonas Construction Software interface featuring various options such as customer names, work order details, quotes, invoices and management tools.

Mobile Capabilities

Send work orders directly to the technician’s mobile device to keep everyone in touch and up to date. Capture real-time data straight from the field to gain visibility into costs, progress, and service schedules.

Dispatch Scheduling Dashboards

Customize the dispatch board to optimize your scheduling needs.

visible on the screen.

Alt text: This image depicts a screenshot of Jonas Construction accounting software's interface. It features an open settings dialog box with 'enable technicians grouping' and 'display technician details' options, alongside various user account profiles displayed on the screen.
Alt text: Screenshot of Jonas Construction Software's digital calendar, showing a weekly interface with scheduled appointments and maintenance tasks. The columns are labeled with various team member names, indicating a collaborative scheduling system for mechanical and specialty contractors.

Multiple Dispatch Views

No more switching in and out of screens! Customize how your team views the schedule according to specific roles and requirements.

GPS Routing

New work orders created on the fly? Use GPS routing to assign the closest technician to the job.

Alt text: A detailed screenshot of Jonas Construction Software displaying business data for specialty contractors. Features include tables, dropdown menus, and a complex interface for comprehensive categorization and listing tasks.
Alt text: A tablet showcasing Jonas Construction Software's work order summary feature, showing detailed information such as customer info, service location and problem description. The software aids in organizing complex construction-related service details, presented in an easy-to-understand structured format.

Faster Billing Cycle

Increase the speed from quote to billing. Reduce tech visits to the office. No more blurry work order photos or errant work order emails.

Migrate Your Dispatch Scheduling to Jonas Cloud

Embrace a cloud environment with Jonas Cloud. Dispatch technicians more efficiently, compared to the manual process, and gain you full visibility of your teams so that you know where all your field technicians are at any time. Identify the right technicians for service jobs while working from the cloud.

Alt Text: A bearded man, donned in a checkered shirt, is diligently working on Jonas Construction Software at his spacious desk equipped with dual monitors, a laptop and a cup of coffee. The office around him is awash with natural light.
Screen shot of Jonas Construction Software's comprehensive business analytics dashboard displaying various data visualizations like bar and line graphs, a pie chart, and numerical data metrics specifically designed for mechanical contractors' usage across several panels.

Client Case Study

Malek, Inc. Mechanical and Plumbing Contractors specializes in commercial and residential heating and air conditioning systems sales, repair, and maintenance.

Aiming to reduce the number of manual processes as well as grow their business, Malek quickly realized their legacy software was not able to handle their needs.

Having Jonas in place has provided Malek with:

Frequently Asked Questions

Dispatch scheduling software provides service managers and dispatchers a 360-degree view of their dispatching process and technicians. It tracks work orders from the quote all the way through billing.

Modern and connected dispatch scheduling software uses GPS tracking and other advanced technology tools so that your dispatchers can do their job – managing ongoing work orders and staying on top of the field team.

A dispatching tool allows you to optimize your technicians’ service routes, providing you with an opportunity to improve customer satisfaction and billing time.

More importantly, the use of advanced dispatch scheduling technology can significantly improve communication between field workers and office staff. Smart technology supplies real-time status updates on service job status, while the live dashboard enables dispatchers to assign new service jobs in just a few clicks. This way, you will be well-equipped for the challenges and opportunities facing the modern construction and service industry.

With stand-alone dispatching tools, your data ends up being stored in a silo. By having a tool that integrates your dispatching, work orders, and accounting, you can remove duplicate and even triplicate data entry steps – it’s all connected!

Don’t Let Your Construction
Business Fly Blind!

Optimize your workforce and resources management with fully integrated dispatch scheduling software. Save time and improve customer service while taking on more jobs.