Construction Document Management Software

Stay organized, save time, prevent delays, and reduce paper waste using a centralized construction document management system.

Cut down on time spent filing and searching for documents.

Improve collaboration between departments with easy-to-use electronic document approval processes.

Organize, collaborate, and share documents with immediate access from anywhere, at any time.


Prior to implementing Jonas, we were literally spending tens of thousands of dollars a month on couriers to send and receive our invoices. Now, we don’t spend anything on couriers anymore. Since implementing Jonas, we are now able to scan, process, and approve invoices within 2 days, which used to take us about 2 weeks without Jonas.

Paul Heino Consultant – Robert B. Somerville

Document Management Functionality

Complete Document Management System

Organize documents the way you want and find them when you need them.

Transparent Document Organization

Organize blueprints, drawings, permits, contracts, and other documents clearly and logically.

Full integration into AP

Easily manage your AP invoices in the centralized system as they get distributed to your jobs, work orders, equipment, and G/L.

Multi-Level Approvals

Make work easier with flexible approval processes for your documents.

Secure Access Permissions

With user access settings, you can assign permissions to create, view, edit, delete or restore documents.

Simplify Document Management with Jonas Cloud

When documents go digital, nothing gets lost. Now you can have full visibility and access to documents at any time, no matter where you are located – at home, in the office, or traveling. With Jonas Cloud, you have a reliable and secure way to create, edit, store, locate, and collaborate on documents anywhere using any device. Make it easy to find the right document at the right time in the office or in the field!

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Client Case Study

ROBERT B. SOMERVILLE provides a comprehensive and fully integrated range of infrastructure services across Canada. Operating in Canada for over 50 years, they plan, build and maintain oil and gas pipelines, power, and other utility systems.

With the main objective of improving organizational effectiveness and streamlining business processes, Robert B. Somerville determined that they would require a new software system.

Having Jonas in place has provided Robert B. Somerville with:

Frequently Asked Questions

The construction and service industry are known for the amount of paperwork, images, and files needed when completing work. Each project produces its own mountain of paperwork, which contractors need to appropriately store. Consider the risk and cost that a physical filing cabinet presents – physical damage, lost papers, the time to find filed paperwork.


Having a digital document management system saves you time, keeps you organized, and lowers your risk of lost paperwork.


When your construction project documentation is comprehensive, well-organized, and secure thanks to construction software, you can find the necessary documents more quickly and respond to queries more efficiently. Think of the last time you needed to send a document – the question becomes “how quickly can I find and send this document, so that I can move on to my next task?”.

The short answer – it will save you time! Construction and service businesses benefit from keeping documentation from every step of their workflows – from taking a job or work order, to its delivery. From small to large projects, the more documents you have, the more complicated it becomes, especially when it comes time to retrieve a document.


Having an integrated document management system means that your documents (aka, paperwork) are connected to jobs, customers, and time frames, which makes them easy to find and report on. When the document management system is integrated and automated, your back office and the field can operate more smoothly.

Managing construction and service business information may be challenging, especially when it arrives from multiple sources. A document management system that captures, stores, and retrieves both paper and electronic documents can offer multiple key benefits to your construction company. Here are the top seven benefits of a modern document management system implementation:
  • Going paperless
  • Reduced storage space
  • Enhanced security
  • Improved regulatory compliance
  • Easier document retrieval
  • More collaboration

Go paperless and streamline document management.

Start managing your construction documents from a single, secure platform.