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Construction Software for IT Professionals

Jonas Construction Software fully integrates all aspects of the business with no coding required. With the ability to integrate data throughout Jonas as well as from multiple external sources, users are able to generate reports with accurate information and in real-time. Jonas seamlessly integrates into your current IT system, which means you can start harnessing incoming data and provide more meaningful insights.

Your Business With Jonas:

  • A fully integrated solution – no coding required.
  • Business users have ownership of the information.
  • Reporting is completed by the users.
  • Fits into your existing IT infrastructure and can plug into any report writer.
  • Supports BYOD (bring your own device) policy.

Construction IT Management Software

Truly integrated software without any coding knowledge required. With construction information technology management software from Jonas, IT professionals are able operate an efficient system with less headaches and issues. By having a fully-integrated software system, the typical burdens placed on IT support are drastically reduced. Jonas Construction Software integrates into your existing IT system, which eases the transition process and allows businesses to get the system up and running quickly. With a truly collaborative software system, users have the ability to generate their own reports and take ownership of the information. Jonas also supports ‘bring your own device’ strategies, avoiding the need to maintain devices for each employee.