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Construction Time
Tracking Software

Get real-time insight into your costs with timely, accurate construction time tracking software.

Transform workflow and increase accountability, while capturing critical accounting and operations
data from the field.

Simplify construction time tracking and entry for field staff to enter hours and job details. Automate labor hour approvals  and check your crew hours remotely.

Comprehensive job coding from the field provides you with organized job cost reports.


The beauty of having Jonas is we can take on more jobs and increase our workload, and yet roughly keep the same amount of office staff because Jonas is so adaptable and is able to grow with us.
Anna Liorti Controller – Metric Contracting Services

Construction Time Tracking Functionality

Make Construction Time Tracking Work for You

Hand-written employee time cards can lead to multiple-entry errors. Eliminate these possible errors by giving employees the ability to enter time through their mobile devices.

With a unified, automated system, technician hours and work orders are accessible to the back office the moment they are submitted.

Optimize your Payroll

Reduce payroll processing time with automated time tracking that is integrated with payroll. Digitally approve time entries and track employees hours received by payroll.

Improve Productivity in the Back Office and the Field

Increase field  staff efficiency by reducing trips to the office and improved back office productivity with automated workflows that provide real-time, accurate data.

Improve Your Data Accuracy

Save yourself time – eliminate double data entry and handwritten entries to reduce errors.

Integrate Your Field Time Entries

Field Time is a construction time tracking solution integrated with job costing, payroll, equipment, work order, and general ledger.

Jonas Cloud

With Jonas’ cloud-hosted construction time tracking solution Field Time, employees can view and manage their work time entries remotely. As soon as your employees enter their time via their mobile devices, the data can be accessed immediately and on demand. Improve your construction and service business’ operational efficiency from the field to the backoffice in one integrated, cloud solution.
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Client Case Study

STRUCTURAL CONTRACTING SERVICES, INC. is a specialty concrete repair and restoration contractor operating since 1994 in New York. Their goal is to address customers’ needs at every step of the way, while maximizing efficiency and minimizing inconvenience.

Aiming to improve customer satisfaction and optimize business operations, structural contracting services wanted to streamline their job costing processes and seamlessly integrate all functional areas of the business.

Having Jonas in place has provided Structural Contracting Services with:

Frequently Asked Questions

In talking to customers about their experiences prior to implementing a digital field time entry solution, we learned that poor time tracking records made it challenging to:

  •  Pay people on time

  • Update work order details in a timely manner

  • Accurately assess the cost of labor at any given moment

Construction time tracking software helps your project- or service-focused business forecast and maintain cost records. This allows you to provide detailed and accurate price estimates for the services you provide based on real-time data at any given moment.

You can also:

  •  Determine productivity of stakeholders/employees while improving their processes.

  • Run over/under spending analysis including all available data as soon as it’s entered from the field, even unposted.

  • Improver billing and operational efficiency through automated workflows using single-entry data.

  • Decide when and where additional resources are needed, and which employees are producing effectively.

Being able to compare payroll against your construction costs makes it possible to account for every working minute using construction time tracking. Whether you need to manage a team of employees or multiple teams across a range of locations, project time tracking is a vital part of determining whether you are under, at, or over budget, and whether your profits are at risk.
Field Time provides you with valuable insights in the field and office at all stages of your project.

  •  Early in a project, you can determine if there are overages to address before it’s too late.

  • Avoiding errors in labor hours and data keeps pay from being late or of the wrong amount.

  • Determine which workers should be rewarded for efficiency and which should be reprimanded for logging out an hour away from the jobsite.

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