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Field Service Management Software

Start, track and complete work orders from the field with complete visibility and collaboration with the back office. Get real-time insights into PMAs and service costs with just-in-time reporting, so you can improve productivity and cash flows.
accounts, tasks, settings, and notifications on the lower part of the screen.

Alt text: "A tablet showcasing Jonas Construction work orders application interface that includes task details such as status, customer names, and timings along with navigation options like home, accounts, tasks, settings & notifications.

Empower your field and back office staff with workflow automation and enhance operational efficiency.

Jonas fully integrates field service management with document management, payroll, and accounting modules.

Alt text: A tablet screen displaying Jonas Construction Software's work order interface, featuring categories for labor, material/parts, service charges, and other costs under tabs marked 'info', 'details', and 'history'.
Jonas’ Field Service Management software gives your back office staff the details directly from the field when they’re submitted, increasing productivity and protecting profits.


With Jonas, we were not only able to identify a 15% technician unbillable rate, but we could also specifically identify the unbillable hours of each location, giving us the ability to better manage each individual location and make the appropriate corrections as required.
refrigeration services". The logo is presented against a neutral background.
Dustin Pohlman Engineer – All Temp Refrigeration

Field Service Management with Mobile Functionality

Time Savings With Jonas

Save time by reducing manual entry. Input labor hours directly from the work site.
and a summary description.
on the right side of the screen shows a successful transaction message.

Сontrol Everything in One Place

Gain better control over cash flow and your field operations with Field Service Management software.

Sync Your Field and Office Operations

Enable your field and office staff to capture and access work order data in real-time for better collaboration and communication.
Alt text: A screenshot of the Jonas Construction software interface showcasing the 'history' tab. This tab reveals sub-tabs for 'customer service items' and 'customer history.' The design is minimalist and modern, specifically tailored for our construction solutions.
:00 PM. Icons of a clock, user, and location pin are featured along with the text within each event block.

Improved Collaboration

Keep service managers and techs connected with the back office through one fully integrated construction software.

Complete Document Tracking

Improve document organization and avoid lost work orders, invoices, images, and files with digital document management.
Alt text: "A tablet screen showcasing Jonas Construction Software, featuring sections labeled 'work order invoice' and 'work order type: work tickets'. Each section includes a 'download file' button for easy access to information.
illustrating various aspects of a construction project's progress and status.

Increased Accessibility

An easy-to-use, customizable dashboard allows managers to view all aspects of a job from one integrated location.

Enhance Visibility

Gain insights into how jobs are performing with dispatching functionality.
of a contractor in the top right corner indicates the calendar's owner.

Jonas Cloud Makes Your Field Service Management Available, Accessible, and Secure.

Access field information anytime, anywhere. Manage your PMAs and Work Orders from any mobile device with an internet connection. Enter field time from the job site and access equipment and scheduling in just a few taps.
Screen shot of Jonas Construction Software's comprehensive business analytics dashboard displaying various data visualizations like bar and line graphs, a pie chart, and numerical data metrics specifically designed for mechanical contractors' usage across several panels.

Client Case Study

The WISL Group is the leader in delivering industrial and heavy commercial specialty construction services for commercial and industrial clients.
In order to better integrate their functional areas and improve their business processes, the WISL Group wanted a software solution that could replace their legacy system while enhancing the overall efficiency and productivity of their operations.

Having Jonas in place has provided WISL with:

Frequently Asked Questions

Jonas’ Field Service Management (FSM) software module helps you manage field service operations such as work order management, dispatching, inventory management, vehicle tracking, scheduling, and more. While each service call may have unique issues, there are common concerns that arise at all field service companies:

  • The absence of workflow control and overhead with paperwork when all documentation is handled in Excel or on paper does not provide adequate analytics and can lead to data duplication or missing.

  • Invoice delays if technicians fill data in the system at the end of the working day.

  • Risks of losing your customer base if a technician leaves or retires.

If your concerns are in this list, it is time to think about introducing a field service management module such as Jonas’ Construction Software into your work process.

If you’re still using workaround methods to handle service paperwork, these concerns are familiar to you:
  • Field employee paperwork piles up, while important data is lost
  • Manual entry and double-billing is inefficient and inaccurate
  • Loss of integration causes siloing, costing significant efficiency
  • Project managers feel disorganized and can’t easily manage projects or schedules
Jonas’ FSM software increases data accessibility and service management capability and efficiency. If you’re annoyed with a constant documentation mess or customers complain of delays, it’s time to upgrade operations. Field service management software ensures bills are paid on time and technicians don’t suffer overlaps. Field service management facilitates organizing all processes, automating workflows within your organization.

Manage your Service Operations
More Efficiently from Start to End.

Unite your field operations and office with integrated field service management software from Jonas.