Construction Field Management Software

Manage field workforce efficiently and reduce total service costs. Empower your technicians and enable them to get more done.

Connect your teams in the office and field to give your workforce and technicians everything they need to get the job done

Jonas fully integrates field service management with document management, payroll, and financial modules.
Jonas Field Service Management software makes things easy on your office staff and simple for your technicians while helping you increase productivity and profits.


With Jonas, we were not only able to identify a 15% technician unbillable rate, but we could also specifically identify the unbillable hours of each location, giving us the ability to better manage each individual location and make the appropriate corrections as required.
Dustin Pohlman Engineer – All Temp Refrigeration

Field Management Functionality

Time Savings With Jonas

Save time by eliminating manual entry and input labor hours directly from the job site.

Сontrol Everything in One Place

With Field Management Software, achieving transparency and control is easy.

Sync your field and your office

Capture and Access Job and Work Order Data in the Field to keep your office in sync.

Improved Collaboration

Project managers and field employees stay connected with full integration between business operations like accounting, payroll, and document management.

Complete Document Tracking

Avoid lost work orders, invoices, images, and other files by using digital document management. Ensure your documents are in the right place and easily accessible.

Increased Accessibility

An easy-to-use dashboard allows project managers and site supervisors to view all
aspects of a project from a single, integrated location.

Enhance Visibility

Gain greater insights into how any given job is performing in real-time with scheduling functionalities.

Jonas Cloud Takes Your Field Management Needs to the Next Level

Enjoy access to field information any time, anywhere. Stay on top of any given project from any device, as long as you have an internet connection. Enter field time from the job site and access equipment and scheduling in just a few taps.

the Next Level

Client Case Study

The WISL Group is the leader in delivering industrial and heavy commercial specialty construction services for commercial and industrial clients.
In order to better integrate their functional areas and improve their business processes, Western Industrial wanted a software solution that could replace their legacy system while enhancing the overall efficiency and productivity of their operations.

Having Jonas in place has provided WISL with:

Frequently Asked Questions

Jonas’ Field Service Management (FSM) software module helps you manage field operations such as order management, dispatching, inventory management, vehicle tracking, scheduling, and more.

Each construction project is unique, but there are common concerns that arise at any construction business that provides field services:

  • The absence of workflow control and overhead with paperwork when all documentation is handled in Excel or on paper does not provide adequate analytics and can lead to data duplication or missing.
  • Invoice delays if technicians fill data in the system at the end of the working day.
  • Risks of losing your customer base if a technician leaves or retires.

If you found out your own pains in this list, it is time to think about introducing a field service management module such as Jonas’ Construction Software into your work process.

If you are still relying on pen-and-paper methods of running your construction site, then some of these concerns are familiar to you:
  • Paperwork from field employees keeps piling up, while important data is lost
  • Manual entry and double-billing make processes inefficient
  • No integration and many project aspects are siloed
  • Project managers feel disjointed and disorganized
Increase accessibility and project management efficiency with Jonas’ Field Management software for construction project managers. If you get annoyed with a constant mess in the documentation, or your customers complain of delays, then it’s time to upgrade your operations. Construction field service management software ensures that the bills are paid in time and technicians do not suffer from overlaps. The field service management system allows organizing all processes according to the workflow inside of your organization.

Don’t Let Your Construction
Business Fly Blind!

Connect your field and office with fully integrated field service management software from Jonas.