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All-in-one, Integrated Construction Software

Connect your people,
automate your workflows,
and protect your profits

Accounting & Payroll

Accelerate administrative workflows, while reducing redundant tasks with an integrated software.
Access accurate, timely cost and financial reports at any given moment.

Project Management
for Construction

Enhance your project’s operational efficiency while reducing cost overruns. Ensure accurate tracking and management of project costs to protect your profit margins.

Service Management

Improve cash flow and operational efficiency by unifying your techs, dispatchers, and back office staff on PMAs, jobs and work orders in a single integrated software.


Streamline workflows and management of inventory, purchase orders, equipment, documents, and reports across your whole organization in real time with our natively integrated software.

30+ Years of Experience& Over 14,000 Users

How Our
Construction Software
Solutions Has Helped Businesses Like Yours

With Jonas, we are able to take on more jobs and increase our workload, and yet roughly keep the same mount of office staff because Jonas is so adaptable and is able to grow with us.

Anna Liorti,


Metric Construction

The great thing about Jonas, and this is very important to us, is that they have demonstrated a constant improvement of the product and take the input of their customers very seriously when making enhancements to the software. We truly wouldn’t be able to do things we are doing now without Jonas.

Dave Conner,

Chief Financial Officer

Harrell-fish Mechanical & Building Solutions

Life before Jonas was disorganized and it was difficult to keep track of things. We had a lot of open and duplicate work orders in our system and a lot of the work orders would be printed out and ended up being lost or never completed.

Theresa Martin,


Malek Construction

See Your
Business Differently At Any Moment

– Minute, Hour or Time of Day

Powered by automated construction accounting software, Jonas provides you with accurate, real-time data and reporting on your true costs at any given moment.
With every new cost incurred and updated into the Jonas platform, Jonas provides immediate cost reporting to you so that you can protect your profits.

See Your Business


Make informed,
Effective business decisions

Reference real-time data and the most recent cost reports to make impactful and smart decisions for your projects and business.

Secure deployment
On premise or in the cloud

Secure your data the way you prefer,
whether it’s managed by your IT team
on premise or Jonas’ experienced
professionals in The Jonas Cloud.

Scalability with
Multi-entity accounting

If your business is organized into multiple companies or divisions, use one integrated construction accounting software solution that supports multi-company/division, eliminating the cost of multiple systems.

Cash flow

Decrease billing cycles
and get paid faster with
an automated and integrated
software solution.

Better manage
Cost overruns

Know your job costs then plan
accordingly. Access accurate cost
reports with real-time data to avoid
costs eroding your bottom line.

Reduce dealing with
A large tech stack

Empower your IT Team
by enabling them to focus
on your employees’ IT needs,
rather than on maintaining multiple software platforms.


Deployment Options

Jonas on-premise

For businesses who wish to retain their company’s control, autonomy, and responsibility for:

  • Data security
  • Uptime and availability
  • Performance and speed
  • Servers and networks
  • Updates to the latest versions
    of Jonas Construction Software
  • Data backups

IT Knowledge Required:

On-premise deployment requires effective and experienced IT knowledge and expertise.

The jonas cloud

For businesses who wish to focus primarily on their business operations and allow Jonas’ Cloud Team to manage the Jonas software assets including:

  • Security of data
  • Availability and uptime
  • Performance/speed
    of the software
  • Network and servers for Jonas
  • Jonas updates to the latest versions

IT Knowledge Required:

Cloud deployment requires minimal
IT knowledge and expertise.

to Your

Industry software that knows what you need and when you need it.

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