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View and drill down into service contracts effortlessly. Report on   accurate, real-time accounting data for all job sites and service work orders. Know where receivables and revenues stand to protect profits.

Alt text: Screenshot of Jonas Construction Software's customer inquiry application interface, displaying multiple input fields and dropdown menus such as 'select cust/mfr,' 'code,' and 'customer' - providing users with a comprehensive system for handling customer-related data.

Easily manage billings, payments, and customer data

Jonas’ automated accounts receivable software lets you run customer inquiries, view invoices, and leverage accurate just-in-time reporting.

over time. The overall interface color scheme is primarily blue and white, creating a professional and streamlined look.

Keep your accounts receivables up-to-date and reduce billing errors with an automated and integrated construction accounting software.

Make well-rounded decisions with real-time data when your automated accounts receivable software connects to the general ledger, job costing, construction billing, and service billing.


With Jonas, we are able to complete service billing a lot faster, as we no longer have to re-enter hours, and our service department saves about 300 hours per year, allowing them to be much more productive in the process.
Jackie Peterson Controller – Red River Electric

Automated Accounts Receivable Software Functionality

Built for Construction & Service Businesses

Accurate financial reports are essential for businesses. Without integrated construction accounting software to automate your accounts receivables, you may lose opportunities to improve your cash flow and profitability.

Alt text: "The screenshot showcases a detailed interface of the Jonas Construction Software. The screen demonstrates different sections such as job information, financial summaries, and project status all arranged in an organized grid format. This is part of our integrated solutions for mechanical and specialty contractors to streamline their operations.
option shown.

Alt text: Screenshot of Jonas Construction Software's billing application interface, featuring filled out fields for customer, report and date. Highlighted is a dropdown menu with an option to select and print as PDF.

Flexible Billing Options

Generate an invoice in virtually any construction-specific format you need.

Make Better and Informed Decisions with Timely Reporting

Without timely access to all billed and unbilled invoices, you may risk making decisions based on incomplete data. With Jonas’ automated accounts receivable functionality, you can access real-time, accurate accounting and costing information at any moment.

summary table of outstanding payments below. There are multiple tabs with different functions such as creating new receipt, generating reports and tracking customer payment history.

Alt text: Screenshot of Jonas Construction Software interface for managing cash & customer receipts, highlighting company billing details input field and a summary table for outstanding payments.

Jonas Cloud Takes Your Accounts Receivable Anywhere, Anytime.

Clean financials are a priority for any construction and service companies. With cloud access to review your accounts receivable, you can manage your books more efficiently and accurately from anywhere with an internet connection.

Screen shot of Jonas Construction Software's comprehensive business analytics dashboard displaying various data visualizations like bar and line graphs, a pie chart, and numerical data metrics specifically designed for mechanical contractors' usage across several panels.

Client Case Study

CAMPBELL AND KENNEDY ELECTRIC LTD. specializes in building and tenant services, design/build and maintenance. Their aim is to provide high quality installations that are on time and on budget.

Aiming to improve customer satisfaction and optimize business operations, Campbell and Kennedy wanted to replace their legacy system and create a more integrated and collaborative business environment.

Having the Jonas platform in place has provided Campbell and Kennery Electric with:

Frequently Asked Questions

A T-Sheets Study showed that the majority of construction companies struggle with cash flow and that, on average, it takes contractors over 30 days after project completion to get paid.

Managing your receivables means your business stays flush, on budget, and in good financial standing. Construction software with good accounts receivable tracking will help automate the billing process, provide better tracking on outstanding payments, identify reasons for nonpayment, and remind clients about overdue accounts.

Accounts Receivable is only as valuable as the information it connects to. In other words, being able to associate your profits to certain resources, equipment, jobs or services, means you gain visibility and knowledge. Having a construction accounting software solution that connects the different parts of your business, and tie it back into Accounts Receivable means you can prevent the leak before it happens, as opposed to seeing the puddle in a week, month or year from now.

Proper management of your construction accounts receivable takes time and effort. Many business owners tend to deal with cash flow problems that stem from accounts receivables. Focusing on proper management of accounts receivables helps avoid cash flow or collections issues. Here are some suggestions to help you better manage AR:

  • Be proactive in your invoicing and collections efforts
  • Move quickly on past-due receivables by automating overdue account fees
  • Don’t allow yourself to get into a credit balance with the bank
  • Make it easier to accept payments in the field to maximize your cash flow

Prevent Losses Before They Happen with
Automated Accounts Receivable Software

Start tracking your receivables with integrated and automated construction accounting software for complete visibility.