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“Jonas allows us to track all of our labor, materials, subcontractors, tools, and equipment directly to each job, which gives us a more accurate picture of what is the real cost of doing that job and allows us to be more proactive in our decision making.”
Bob Ritzmann,
Alltrade Industrial

A Need for a Different Approach

Because research shows that 9 out of 10 construction contracts experience cost overruns, our mission is to empower our clients to manage their project deliverables and meet project milestones by tracking all of the project’s costs and revenues the moment they happen. We do this by providing integrated field and back office solutions that enable clients to manage their projects by managing their costs.

Our Construction Project Management Solutions

Job Costing & Billing

Track and manage job costs over the life of a project direct from the field and in the back office. Leverage flexible billing to maximize your cash flow and profitability.

Document Management

Centralize all your documents with integrated document management software. Automatically attach related documents to purchase orders and work orders.

Project Communication

Create and effectively communicate with your clients and key stakeholders through Daily Logs, RFIs, Transmittals and Submittals.

Job Estimating & Forecasting

Improve visibility on projects to mitigate cost overruns. Estimate dollars, hours and units over the project lifecycle, and continually update and adjust your job forecast with integrated software.


Get full visibility into your committed costs and manage your costs, subcontractors, and sub- contract change orders more effectively. Create POs from the field or back office and reduce cost overruns with defined approval processes for your POs.

Project Scheduling

Schedule resources relative to a specific project task, such as employees, subcontractors, technicians and equipment. Track service technicians on a project or maintenance agreements.

WIP & Cost Reporting

Access current and accurate reporting for your forecasted final, over/under billing, earned revenue and project cashflow reports. Use the most up-to-date data to make informed decisions.

Manage Your Projects by Managing Your Job Costs with Real-Time, Accurate Data

Automated Workflows in Fully-Integrated Software

Save time and eliminate double-data entry when data is automatically routed through approval processes. Track equipment, labor, inventory and materials in real-time with ease.

Better Manage Cost Overruns and Profitability

Offset sudden shifts in project costs by analyzing current data. With integrated software, field change orders are automatically updated for the back office. Automate the creation of billing lines to ensure all revenue opportunities are captured.

Real-Time Data Enables Informed Decisions

Access full visibility on changes of methodology, cost variances and scope changes. Make informed decisions based on current data and take action promptly when needed to protect your profits.

Project Management for Construction
Project Managers

Just-in-time reports from real-time data to protect your project profit margins.

Backed by Operations
Accounting Automation

Our Project Management for Construction and Service Businesses is an Integrated Part of a Suite of Construction Software Solutions

Jonas’ project management for construction and service contractors is supported by real-time
accounting automation to enable the field and back office staff to work and share data in real-time.


As field staff enter operational data like change orders, job project processes and time entry in our integrated software, manual processes are automated and operational data is contextualized for the back office into accounting and cost data. The result is a more operationally efficient, transparent and united team working with accurate and reliable data and reports to improve job profitability and cash flow.

14,000+ Users on Jonas Construction Software

Start using the most accurate data to protect your profits.