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Procurement & Purchase Order Management Software

Anticipate future commitments and take control of your project and work order costs.

Avoid project and work order delays through superior inventory management.

Easily order inventory and non-inventory items, and create committed costs — all within one platform.
Streamline the generation of purchase orders using one of four ways: warehouse inventory stock replenishment, purchase requisition orders, takeoffs, and one-off estimation.


Jonas allows us to track all of our labor, materials, subcontractors, tools, and equipment directly to each job, which gives us a more accurate picture of what is the real cost of doing that job and allows us to be more proactive in our decision making
Bob Ritzmann President – Alltrade Industrial

Purchase Order and Procurement Functionality

Track Your Purchase Orders from Start to Finish

Keep track of POs to make sure you have received the right inventory and non-inventory with full audit trails.

Simplified Procurement Solution

The procurement module provides several ways to generate purchase orders so you can choose the most appropriate method for each job.

Keep Accounting and Operations in the Loop

Jonas Construction’s purchase ordering system has robust integration into job costing, inventory, work order, equipment, and G/L.

Manage Your Purchase Orders Anywhere with Jonas Cloud

With Jonas Cloud, the purchase order and procurement management system helps you create purchase orders from any device at any time. Instantly know when POs have been approved or denied, and track when the purchase orders have been completed with the products delivered and the purchase order paid in full.

the Next Level

Client Case Study

ALLTRADE INDUSTRIAL CONTRACTORS INC. specializes in the industrial services, energy and utilities, automotive, and fabrication industries.

While improving their job cost, tracking, and reporting capabilities, Alltrade determined that their current construction software system was unable to take them to the next level.

Having Jonas in place has provided Alltrade Industrial Contractors with:

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many types of construction documentation that have similarities. What makes a purchase order (PO) similar to a contract is the workflow. When a PO has been submitted and accepted, it becomes a legally binding document. In fact, a purchase order is a legally binding agreement even when there is no existing contract between a supplier and a contractor.

Contracts in the construction industry are a lot more detailed than a purchase order. For this reason, a substantial transaction, especially when it’s spread across a longer period of time, requires a contract in addition to purchase orders.

Invoices are documents that suppliers send to buyers, where they summarize the products (equipment or inventory) that they have purchased or have agreed to purchase. Invoices will usually reference a purchase number, if there is one, to assist with record-keeping and avoid confusion. These two types of construction documents supplement each other but they serve different purposes.

  • Eliminates employee/human error with improved accuracy through a fully automated PO process.
  • Increases efficiency by eliminating redundant manual tasks.
  • Provides detailed insights into company spending with real-time expense management.
  • Provides complete visibility and access through the click of a button from a mobile app or desktop.

Stay on top of your purchase orders!

Start managing your purchase orders and procurements like a pro.