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“With Jonas, we are able to complete service billing a lot faster, as we no longer have to re-enter hours, and our service department saves about 300 hours per year, allowing them to be much more productive in the process.” 

Jackie Peterson,​
Red River Electric

A Need for a Different Approach

For mechanical and specialty contractors, the services portion of their business empowers overall cash flow. Fulfilling maintenance agreements and emergency work orders generate cash in high-paced intervals. Due to the high-paced nature of services, a fully integrated software that connects technicians, dispatchers and back-office personnel is the only way to effectively manage the services portion of the business. To this end, Jonas provides an integrated solution to help contractors effectively perform service management, generate cash flow and satisfy clients.

Our Service Management Solutions

Work Order Management & Billing

Generate better cash flow when you can process billing and work orders faster in an integrated service management software with mobile access.

Dispatch Scheduling & Tech Tracking

Improve technician and equipment utilization with easy-to-use dispatch scheduling features for PMAs, jobs and work orders.

Planned Maintenance Agreements

Maintain, create and renew PMAs from jobs and work orders effortlessly while tracking asset usage and warranties.

Field Service Management

Empower your service technicians and field personnel to accomplish more work from the field, while also improving collaboration with the back office to get better insight into your operations and profitability.

Document Management

Stay organized and reduce paper waste with a digital document management system. Attach documents to AP invoices, POs, work orders, Field Time entries, daily logs, and more.

Accounting & Payroll

Generate invoices more quickly from the field and ensure your staff is paid on time when the data is integrated from the field to back office in real time.

Analytics/ Reporting

Access dynamic reports based on accurate, real-time data to analyze technician and work order profitability, as well as open and assigned work orders to help you better manage your resources.

Maintain Healthy Cash Flow and Drive Growth with Integrated Construction and Service Management Software

Enhance Cash Flow with Multiple Billing Options

Generate and receive cash in your accounts faster. Provide your technicians with the flexibility to bill directly from the field or back office, based on payroll hours, or even PO costs that haven’t been billed in accounts payable.

Improve Technician and Equipment Utilization

Gain complete visibility into your resources with integrated service management software. Technicians, equipment and materials can be allocated more efficiently by location, jobs, work order statuses to save time and money.

Real-Time visibility into service & field operations

Track and manage your field operations based on real-time data from anywhere with an internet connection. Access custom reports at any time to adjust and improve your team's operational efficiency and contract profitability.

the functionality of Jonas Construction Software.

Service Management Software Designed for Construction & Service Professionals

Backed by Operations
Accounting Automation

Our Service Management Software is an Integrated Part of a Suite of Construction Software Solutions.
Jonas’ service management software is supported by real-time accounting automation to enable the field and back office staff to work and share data in real-time. As field staff enter operational data, like change orders and time entry, manual processes are automated and operational data is contextualized into accounting and cost data. The result… a more operationally efficient and united team, working with accurate and reliable data to improve job profitability and cash flow.

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