Construction and Service Inventory Management

Maintain full control over stock and materials across multiple warehouses and trucks.

Manage the intricacies associated with maintaining costs, optimal stock levels, and effective reporting.

Keep inventory organized with seamless integration to your purchase orders, counter sales, jobs, work orders, equipment, and G/L.

Hold inventory accountable so you can always be sure that your inventory is available when and where you need it.


Integrated P.O. and inventory systems have saved manpower, prevented input errors, provided cost controls on purchases, and provided paperless tracking of obligations.”
Bruce Kiger
Operations Controller – Continental Flooring Company

Inventory Management Functionality

Inventory Tracking System

Optimize stock levels and avoid unnecessary costs with inventory management systems.

Comprehensive Reporting

See your stocking levels and make adjustments to suit your timeline.

360-Degree Inventory Management

Our construction inventory management software handles multi-warehouse, bill of material, serialization, UPC tracking, and supplier history tracking.

Connect to your customers’ site equipment

Easily communicate with third-party software for accurate and efficient inventory management.

Stay on top of your inventory with Jonas Cloud

Jonas Cloud provides you with all of the necessary tools to manage the nuts and bolts of your inventory — no pen or paper required. Track construction site inventory, tools, and equipment in real-time, and provide centralized data access to inventory stock and locations from anywhere. Rest easy knowing your data is always backed up and protected with enterprise-grade security. Gain full end-to-end visibility so that you can maximize operational effectiveness and grow.
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Client Case Study

ALL TEMP REFRIGERATION specializes in Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC), Combustion, and Refrigeration markets. It’s operating in Ohio since 1980.

With the aim to produce meaningful results the way their business required, All Temp Refrigeration came to the conclusion that a new software solution was necessary.

Having Jonas in place has provided All Temp Refrigeration with:

Frequently Asked Questions

A vital part of planning projects or services is understanding the materials you require in order to successfully complete whatever you are working on. Managing sufficient inventory levels is crucial to ensuring your work is delivered on schedule and within budget. This involves knowing the right level of inventory, such as materials to carry, to avoid incurring huge carrying costs. The best construction inventory management software will keep you “in the know” when it comes to stock levels, inventory costs, and delivery times.
The pandemic made a significant impact on the construction industry. To assure growth and project success, construction companies need to put special attention to inventory management capabilities. Updated inventory management practices allow securing inventory that’s required to complete all stages of the job, reserving important materials, and researching more suppliers in case an emergency happens. Most importantly, you should be automating your inventory management. This helps increase efficiency and eliminate time-consuming manual tasks, especially when managing multiple construction sites and storage locations. Start by adopting advanced inventory management software that is integrated with your mission-critical systems such as financials. This will improve your job costing, inventory and equipment management, and ultimately your bottom line.

Don’t let your construction or service business lose track of inventory! Start managing your inventory like a pro.

Ensure that resources and equipment don’t fall through the cracks while enabling you to minimize capital and carrying costs.