Case Studies

Discover companies like yours who have found success with Jonas Construction Software.

Neptune Plumbing & Heating Case Study

Increased part selection accuracy to near perfection

Bruin’s Plumbing Heating Case Study

Secured priceless data from ransomware attacks

Continental Flooring Company Case Study

Grew revenue by 3.5%, while reducing accounting overhead by 5% 

Western Oil Services Case Study

Greater insight on financial and project data 

The WISL Group Case Study

Increased sales volume by 75% 

Structural Contracting Services Case Study

Improved profit margins and employee performance

Robert B. Somerville Case Study

Saved $120,000 annually immediately

All Temp Refrigeration Case Study

Discovered a 15% nonbillable technician rate

Jemlor Construction Case Study

Reduced billing time by 50%

Killarney Constructors Case Study

Gained flexible access and improved insights into jobs costs

Turner Long Construction Case Study

Improved inter-department communications & better job cost reporting

Wright Contracting Case Study

Saved time on software updates and protected critical data

J. Corsi Developments Case Study

Reduced reporting time by 25%

Land Development And Construction Case Study

Reduced reconciliations and automated business processes

Gillam Group Case Study

Doubled their revenue

MAX Construction Case Study

Time savings of 75% on change orders 

S&T Group Case Study

Reduced payroll processing time by 25%

Metric Contracting Services

Grew their sales by 100%

Pyramid Construction Case Study

Optimized accounting operations with less staff

Humboldt Electric Case Study

Saved 15 hours per week on payroll & invoicing

Campbell And Kennedy Electric Case Study

Grew revenue by 30%

Red River Electric Case Study

Saved 300 hours annually on billing & invoicing

Alltrade Industrial Contractors Inc. Case Study

300% business growth

Air & Energy Case Study

Streamlined processes and achieved scalability

DMS Industrial Constructors Inc. Case Study

Enhanced employee satisfaction

Malek Inc. Mechanical And Plumbing Contractors Case Study

$10 million to $20 million growth in revenue

Dorsett Technologies Case Study

Improved employee morale and productivity

Heartland Mechanical Contractors Case Study

100% company growth without increasing back-office staff

Horwitz Inc. Case Study

Payroll processing time reduced by 50%

Rosetown Central Refrigeration And Air Conditioning Case Study

Increased profitability by 300%

BCI Mechanical Case Study

20% increase in service revenue

Chiller Systems Service Case Study

Reduced IT expenses by 50%

Harrell-Fish Inc. Case Study

Grew from $9 million to $13 million

Baulne Case Study

Saved immensely by going paperless

Current Mechanical Case Study

Reduced payroll time and improved bottom line

Johansen and Anderson Case Study

Saved 5 hours per week on union reporting

Powell Contracting Case Study

Scaled seamlessly with Jonas’ inter-company functionality

Metro Controls Case Study

99% acceleration of service billings

Sycamore Engineering Case Study

Drive time reduced by over 100 hours per month

Phoenix Petroleum Ltd. Case Study

Accelerated reporting time by 125x faster

Flo-tron Contracting Case Study

Cut payroll processing time in half