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Keep your service department running as smoothly as the equipment you repair.
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More Insight and Collaboration by Unifying the Field and Office

Give your service department the boost you always wanted with our user-friendly and intuitive field service solutions.

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On a united back-office and field service management platform, you get greater visibility into jobs and equip your dispatchers, field service technicians and field staff with the knowledge and tools they need to run a more efficient workday.


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“It’s a huge advantage for us that our technicians are working in ‘real-time’ for our customer’s benefit. There are just so many time and cost savings associated with having [Jonas] eMobile, it’s been great for us.”

Scott Tracy
Chiller Systems Service

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Service Management Functionality

the ease of use, promptness, reliability and efficiency of using this digital contract management software.

Automate Processes and Increase Productivity

Turn every service call into an open-book test for your field technicians with on-demand work and equipment history.

Improve Communication, Improve Customer Satisfaction

Enhance customer relationship management and service delivery with automation and communication tools.

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Client Case Study

Since working with Jonas, Malek doubled their service revenue while also improving their customer service. Their response time to customer calls is now faster and they are also utilizing their field technicians more effectively.

MALEK, INC. MECHANICAL AND PLUMBING CONTRACTORS specializes in commercial and residential heating and air conditioning systems sales, repair, and maintenance.

With the aim to reduce manual processes, increase the speed at which they could access information, as well as grow their business, Malek quickly realized their existing field service management software was not going to be able to handle their business needs.
Having Jonas Enterprise in place has provided Malek, Inc. with:

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the service modules in Jonas integrate with other modules in the system. Jonas is a fully-integrated and all-in-one field service management solution. Jonas’ Service Management Software was designed with job costing and work order management at the hub of everything. All aspects of payroll, equipment, materials, purchase orders, inventory, AR, and payables are fully integrated.


All data entered from the service modules are automatically synced with the rest of Jonas, so you can reduce drive time for your field service teams, eliminate duplicate entries, improve communication with the back-office and reduce errors and manual processes.

Your rework rate, otherwise known as the cost of redoing or correcting work done on a job site can range anywhere from 2% to 20% of a project’s complete contract value. Typical costs that fall under your rework costs include labour, materials, equipment and subcontractors. It is estimated that efforts spent on rework are approximately 30%.


Rework costs tend to be higher when there is a lack of communication on the job, whether it be within the field or with the field communicating with the back office.


Digitalizing your operations with field service management software like Jonas can help unify data from both the field and back to improve communications. Moreover, field service processes can be automated and synced to ensure everyone is viewing the same accurate data.


You can also better track your labour and equipment costs with Jonas to ensure the time and usage inputted are appropriate for your jobs. Utilize our Daily Logs to view records of work and prevent repeated mistakes to lower your rework costs.

With over 20+ modules available, Jonas provides all the basic functionalities that businesses in the field service industry require to manage every area of their business successfully.


We also recognize that construction and field service businesses may require some specialized functionalities for certain areas of their business and provide integration for a wide variety of leading service manager software for construction and services businesses. Our technology partners can be found here.

Good field service management software should have all the automation and communication tools you need for effective field service management. This includes work order management and billing, dispatch scheduling, and a client service portal. Request a demo to learn more about the best features of Jonas’ service management software.

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Simplify your entire service operation with Jonas’ field service management solutions.