Job Costing

Integrated Job Costing makes it easy to stay on top of job budgets and costs. Get Real Time Data anytime, anywhere.


Understand Job Profitability at Any Stage

Our Construction job costing software gives project managers real-time insights into the progress of a job and allows them to control the actual costs of a construction project.

Without a powerful job costing solution, you may struggle to determine if jobs are profitable before the project is complete. Fortunately, there’s a technology that can help with your job costing tracking efforts.

Make better-informed decisions with job costing accounting software you can trust.


The main reason we switched to Jonas Construction was its robust job costing feature. It makes our lives easier every day. Our legacy software was inefficient which led to lots of manual work and inaccurate calculations which resulted in lost profitability. Jonas job costing software streamlined our job accounting processes and make us more efficient and profitable.

Patsy Roy

Operations Controller

Job Costing Functionality

Stay on Top of the Cash Flow

Healthy cash flow is priority number one for construction businesses. Without proper job costing, it’s tough to know if you are going over budget. Make every job profitable by avoiding unexpected surprises.

Stay Informed with Accurate Reporting

Reviewing your cost reports regularly can help you keep a finger on the pulse of your project. With job costing reports, you can identify issues before they become full-scale problems.

Stay Agile with Cost Updates

Easily see estimate vs actual costs and keep track of costs for labor, materials, equipment, subcontractor and overhead costs required for a project.

Stay Efficient with Smart Automation

Streamline your construction workflows and focus on activities that generate more value. Changes in other modules are instantly reflected in the job costing module so your manual efforts are minimized.

Stay Connected with Full Project Management Integration

Job costing functionality is fully integrated with accounting and scheduling which means that you are always in sync with core processes. You are fully in control thanks to accurate and real-time data.

Stay on Track with Automatic Project Forecasting

Manual job cost forecasting is time-consuming and still leaves room for error. Intelligent projections help you build accurate forecasts and support your data-driven planning. Ensure your jobs stay on budget and according to the plan.

Jonas Cloud Takes Your Job Costing to the Next Level

Without a powerful job costing solution, you may struggle to determine if jobs are profitable before the project is complete. Fortunately, there’s a technology that can help with your job costing tracking efforts.

the Next Level

Client Case Study

BCI Mechanical Inc. specializes in air conditioning and plumbing solutions, primarily servicing the private residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.

growing their business, enhancing customer satisfaction, and integrating their functional areas, BCI realized that their previous software system no longer meets their needs going forward.

Having Jonas in place has provided BCI with:

Frequently Asked Questions

Job Costing software is designed to help project-focused businesses forecast and maintain records of project costs. This allows you to provide detailed and accurate price estimates for the services you provide.

Job costing software helps construction companies gain real-time insight into the specific costs for each job for improved project management and cost control. Companies use this software to maintain profitability through the integrated management of pricing, invoicing, change orders, purchase orders, labor costs, budgeting, and more

Jonas job costing software records and reports costs from multiple sources which results in a comprehensive picture of costs and revenues.
This includes
  • Actual costs and revenues recorded by processing transactions from the following systems: Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable, subcontract, Equipment, inventory, payroll, and general ledger systems.
  • Committed costs are recorded once subcontracts, approved change orders, or purchase orders are setup. The job costing system tracks all commitments, including total and remaining ones.
  • Forecasting costs are calculated and recorded by the following methods: estimate to complete, forecasted at completion, and percentage completion.
Jonas job costing software tracks the following data:
  • Quantities/units of production
  • Labor and equipment hours
  • Extensive job information including name, address, customer, etc.

Many businesses in the construction industry choose to switch from a standalone job costing software to an ERP software suite when their company grows and scales. It may be time to make the switch to an ERP solution if you are dealing with too many standalone systems that don’t integrate, if your manual processes are becoming too time-consuming, and if you need greater visibility into your business metrics.

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