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Accounting Software for Construction Accounting Professionals

Swap damage control for accounting controls.

Alt text: A professional man working on his laptop at a desk, utilizing Jonas Construction Software for operational tasks. The screen is surrounded by interactive displays of graphs, charts and detailed data analysis, symbolizing the integrated analytics offered by the software. The modern and tech-focused workspace emphasizes efficiency and productivity in the construction industry.

Do More With Less When the Office and Field Are Integrated

Jonas’ automated accounting software for construction and service businesses integrates with the field in real-time, allowing streamline workflow and approval processes and access more accurate accounting data. Drill down further into robust financial reports for more details and operate a more financially secure and organized business.

development and control.

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Alt-Text 2: Visual representation of a delivery truck symbolic of logistic management in construction industry. 

Alt-Text 3: Graphic showing a magnifying glass placed over financial documents, denoting scrutinizing financial aspects in construction projects.

Alt-Text 4: Image illustrating bar charts and pie chart highlighting statistical analysis for project planning and budgeting in construction setup. 

Alt-Text 5: Symbolic depiction of a dollar sign emphasizing economic control in managing a construction business.


“As far as time savings and increased efficiency, we saw a huge improvement in service billing and payroll especially. We can complete payroll and do reporting directly from Jonas using the information that is already there, which has saved us a lot of time.”
Leslie Jokic
S&T Group
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Accounting Functionality

Alt text: A graphic illustration demonstrating online payment systems of Jonas Construction Accounting Software represented through a laptop, clock, credit card and charts within a circular design on a green background.

Streamline Invoicing, Get Paid Faster

Vendors, on average, take 17 days to process your invoices.
Get paid faster by streamlining the invoice process between your field and back office.

Less Input, More (Accurate) Output

Reduce data touch points between field back office. With integrated accounting software for construction, there will be less manual data re-entry, fewer spreadsheet uploads, and more accurate financial & cost reports.
the multi-faceted functionality and integrated nature of Jonas Construction Software. The arrangement of open windows represents streamlined project management, comprehensive accounting, and real-time data analysis capabilities all at your fingertips.

Client Case Study

With Jonas Enterprise, S.&T. Group started accessing accurate information in real-time, while also streamlining their processes and reducing manual entries and processes.
S.&T. Group is a leading multi-trade service, maintenance, and contracting company serving residential, commercial and industrial customers across Ontario, Canada and Michigan, United States.
With the goals of better serving their customers, growing their business, and optimizing operational efficiency, S&T Group determined their older software system would not be able to grow with them.
Having Jonas Enterprise in place has provided S&T Group with:

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the accounting features in Jonas integrate with the rest of the software. Jonas is a fully-integrated, all-in-one enterprise resource planning software designed to unify the office and the field. At its core, Jonas’ strength lies in its accounting and operations automation, which integrates all of Jonas’ accounting functionalities (accounts receivable, accounts payable, general ledger, job cost accounting) and payroll with service management, project management, and more. Clients can rest assured that accounting and financial data is accessible at any time and accurate because of its ability to sync with all areas of Jonas.
One of the most important reasons for integrating construction accounting software with construction management software is that you can ensure you are viewing the most up-to-date, accurate financial data at any time. With the office unified to your field, you can improve communication among staff and enhance operational efficiency. There is no need for extra paperwork, manual and duplicate entries, which are more prone to human error and inaccuracies. Over time you will notice how effective it is to run reports, get improved forecasting and make more informed business decisions.

Time saved varies for every company depending on the size of your operations and how well your team has adapted to using all the functionalities of Jonas. As an integrated accounting system that unifies the field to the back office, your service or construction business will benefit the most when all employees are using the software to input data.

We’ve had companies report payroll processing time decrease between 25% to 50%, accelerated reporting time and service billings and so much more. To learn more about how Jonas Construction Software has helped other service and construction businesses save time and money, check out our case studies or request a demo.

Yes, Jonas has multi-company accounting functionality. This is designed to help you save time and ensure accuracy across transactions with automated multi-company and inter-company processing. To learn more about this functionality, request a demo.

Ready to Start Mitigating Your Risks and Maximizing Profits?

Make your accounting and financial management processes more effective with Jonas’ accounting software for construction professionals.