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Construction Daily Logs

Keep track of project details right from the job site. Feel secure knowing you’ve got a daily construction log of all safety incidents and activities on site.

Alt-text: A screenshot of Jonas Construction Software's "Daily Logs" feature on a tablet, highlighting fields for company details, report creation, and job selection. The screen also shows a message alert indicating no daily log entries found for the selected job.

Reduce information gaps in your timeline by recording notable events.

Minimize mistakes, increase efficiency, and document everything as it happens
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No more lost forms – our construction log program lets you create forms for your staff to fill out as they progress through their work. Keep track of labor, equipment, materials, safety incidents, and any other related information you deem pertinent. A construction daily log program offers the following benefits:


With Jonas, we are effectively saving the salary of two extra controllers as I am able to monitor both locations’ financials without having to physically be at each office.

Gerrie Day Controller – Pyramid Construction

Daily Log Functionality

Easily Record Daily Events

Track and store all daily job site events with construction daily logs from Jonas.

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Alt text: A tablet showcasing Jonas Construction software's detailed daily log entry screen with options to fill various fields like company, status, foreperson, job number and employee filters. The interface also includes options for adjusting entries.

More than field notes

Keep organized and eliminate paperwork or email logs. Attach daily inspection and safety forms, checklists, pictures, and more.

Jonas Cloud Elevates Your Daily Log Management

Experience safe and reliable construction log software that provides you access to daily log records in the Jonas Document system 24-hours a day.
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Screen shot of Jonas Construction Software's comprehensive business analytics dashboard displaying various data visualizations like bar and line graphs, a pie chart, and numerical data metrics specifically designed for mechanical contractors' usage across several panels.

Client Case Study

Pyramid Construction Ltd. specializes in heavy construction, general contracting, and land development since 1997.

With the aim of better integrating the business and reducing reliance on manual processes, Pyramid realized their current system could not meet these needs.

Having Jonas in place has provided Pyramid Construction with:

Frequently Asked Questions

Daily logs are the essential construction management documents that are used to track and monitor the daily events, production quantities, and the general progress of a construction project. They help you stay organized by collecting and presenting daily work events so that you can have an audit log and workday summary. It contains data related to workers, equipment, sub trades, materials received, and more.

With digital and automated daily logs, project managers and other stakeholders have access to up-to-date and real-time information. Daily logs show the progress of a project, and improve traceability and accountability, allowing project managers to track planned versus actual costs. Instead of using a three-ring binder, or notepad, users can automatically log and archive daily events, which means the risk of missing information is minimized. If your daily log system can connect with payroll, field management, and operations, you’re one step closer to ensuring that all data is organized.

Don’t Let Your Construction
Business Fly Blind!

Track and record all information from the field. Stay in tune with the progress of your construction projects with construction daily logs.