Payroll Software For Contractors

Streamline your operations with a fully integrated payroll system for the construction industry.

Reduce double entry and improve accuracy with integration to the field.

Recognize labor cost and labor hours for time submitted from the field

Empower your construction and service business with all the tools to manage payroll, whether certified, unionized, or non-unionized, and ensure that everyone is paid when they should be.


As far as time savings and increased efficiency, we saw a huge improvement in service billing and payroll especially. We can complete payroll and do reporting directly from Jonas using the information that is already there, which has saved us a lot of time.

Leslie Jokic

Controller – S&T Group

Payroll Functionality

Unify Payroll and Reporting on a Single Platform

Remain compliant with US and Canadian Payroll regulations, produce powerful reporting for your multiple departments and companies.

Full Integration with Other Jonas modules

In Jonas, the payroll module is fully integrated into job costing, work order, equipment management, and general ledger.

Complete Union Capabilities

Fully handle multi-union, multi-trade union reporting as well as all union payments. Union and payroll report generators provide the ability to create detailed reports and setups that will manage the most complex union requirements.

Streamlined Payroll Management

Process weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly payroll.

Direct Deposit

Pay your employees faster with direct deposit and reduce the time and cost of printing and delivering paper checks.

Your Complete Payroll Solution

Certified payroll allows for creating rate and fringe tables by the job, service and customer. Pay weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly – as required.

Automate payroll responsibilities

Free up your time to focus on other business-critical tasks while keeping your employees satisfied with our full-service payroll software.

Jonas Cloud Takes Your Construction Accounting
to the Next Level

Secure access to payroll billing information any time, anywhere. Drill down on supporting documents from any device, as long as you have an internet connection. View payroll data from the field and access reports in just a few taps.


Client Case Study

S&T Group specializes in solutions, general contracting, services, sales and maintenance in electrical, mechanical and technologies, sheet metal, HVAC and refrigeration, plumbing and building management controls in both Canada and the United States. 

In order to better serve their customers, grow their business, and optimize operational efficiency, S&T Group determined their current software system would not be able to grow with them as the company expanded.

Having Jonas in place has provided S&T Group with:

Frequently Asked Questions

Using a stand-alone payroll software will likely keep your business running. Though it may fall short when it comes time to grow your business. Consider the time it currently takes to manually collect and process payroll data, every week, to ensure your staff is paid. 

Construction payroll software should be able to handle construction-specific payroll scenarios, including the ability to:

  • Easily address multi-company, multi-province, and multi-state payroll processing, and union payroll requirements

  • Handle multi-union, fringes, and burden with ease.

  • Construction-specific integration of payroll with the field.

  • Allocate payroll by foremen or any other individual, cost codes and cost types.

Additionally,  if your payroll is integrated with your jobs, service, and financial records, you’ll be able to stream labor hours, calculate pay rates, and process paychecks in real-time.

Direct Deposit is a process that involves paying your staff directly to their bank accounts, as opposed to paying them by check or cash. This method of payment promotes convenience for those involved by reducing payroll processing time and manual document handling.

Employees enjoy the hassle-free nature of getting paid directly to their bank accounts. Human resources or payroll departments no longer need to remind employees to pick up their checks or mail them out.

Don’t Let Your Construction
Business Fly Blind!

Stay on top of your construction and service business payroll. Start managing your payroll like a pro with the best payroll software for contractors, backed by our unmatched customer support.