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Access superior construction reporting with timely, accurate data to make critical business decisions! Monitor your costs and key performance indicators (KPIs) with operational and financial reports to mitigate risks and maximize profit.

the progress of the project financially along a timeline.

Flexible reporting options to suit your needs and help you reach your business goals.

Alt text: "Screenshots of Jonas Construction Software dashboard showcasing an intricate breakdown of statistical information related to construction accounting. The dashboard visuals include a variety of data-driven graphs like bar charts, line graphs, and pie charts, providing an in-depth analysis for mechanical and specialty contractors.


Before Jonas, we were doing a lot of manual work and excel calculations, but now I literally say to my team members, ‘just press the button,’ and we can instantly create any report we need.
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Bob Ritzmann President – Alltrade Industrial

Reporting Functionality

Access Reports to Suit Different Needs

Various standard reporting options allow team members across departments to stay in the loop and make informed decisions.

Screenshot of Jonas Construction Software's comprehensive financial analysis feature displaying a detailed breakdown of financial numbers and text for different categories including revenue, direct cost, gross margin, expenses, and net income over several months on a computer screen.
graphs related to project management are partially visible.

Alt text: A data settings dialog box for configuring account details, with background charts and graphs for project management.

Leverage Construction Business Intelligence

Dynamic reporting with customization to help you create graphical reports and display them on a personalized dashboard. Easily understand your operations with visualized data.

Get Creative with Custom Reporting

Report junkies can use their knowledge of Excel and SQL to manipulate data and get advanced, drillable reports.

Client Case Study

In business since 1950, Western Oil Services Ltd. provides services to retail and commercial petroleum facilities, municipal, provincial, and federal government operations, retail/fleet vehicle wash facilities, marine, forestry, and other industrial operations.

In order to improve poor reporting capabilities, Western Oil Services moved on from an older software system that wasn’t meeting their needs.

Having Jonas in place has provided Western Oil Services with:

Frequently Asked Questions

The construction industry faces numerous risks, including cost overruns, project mismanagement, change orders, and legal disputes, that could impact costs and delay projects.

Effective construction reporting serves as a crucial tool for project risk management, enabling businesses to plan and monitor strategies aimed at minimizing risks, while also enhancing operational efficiency, and improving profitability.

Construction reports help businesses track and monitor projects by offering true visibility of your jobs, work orders, labor, materials, equipment, and change orders. With robust reporting tools in an integrated construction software system, you can gain a more accurate picture of estimates vs actuals, empowering you to manage cost overruns proactively and protect your cash flow.


In case of disputes or conflicts, data-driven reports backed by supporting documents, become invaluable pieces of evidence. Additionally, reporting tools facilitate the tracking of KPIs, providing insights into productivity, project timelines, and quality standards.

The main benefit of using construction software with construction reporting is that business owners, executives and stakeholders can make more informed decisions to enhance their profitability and operations based on the most accurate, timely data.


Construction software that integrates the back office with field operations in real time can offer more accurate data on your costs and operations by reducing double data entry and automating workflow processes.

Data entered directly from the field can be shared and processed immediately with the back office, to produce accurate construction progress reports, WIP reports and job cost reports.

Construction software with more advanced and customized reporting functionalities will let you configure layouts and data visualization tools to align with your reporting needs. This enables users to analyze project metrics, compare performance indicators, and gain valuable insights into project progress and overall performance.

Cost reports are important for contractors, serving as a financial checkpoint for construction projects. These reports provide a granular breakdown of project expenses, from labor and materials to equipment and overhead, giving a complete overview of spending against the budget.


By comparing actual costs against initial estimates, contractors can promptly identify cost overruns, and variances and take corrective actions to prevent further issues while the job is underway.

Detailed cost reports aid in transparent communication with stakeholders, ensuring that everyone is aligned with the project’s financial status. These reports are also a high-value source of information that can help estimators create new budgets/proposals for more competitive bids in the future.


In essence, a cost report is an indispensable tool that empowers contractors to manage projects more efficiently, make informed decisions, and ultimately protect their profits.

Gain complete visibility on all your service and construction business operations.

Start generating accurate and timely reports to power your business decisions.