Construction and Service Reporting

Timely information when you need to make critical business decisions! Monitor your key performance indicators with a construction report dashboard to mitigate risk and maximize profit.

Flexible reporting options to suit your needs and help you reach your business goals.

Run standard reports or easily create user-defined reports for all facets of your operations.


Before Jonas, we were doing a lot of manual work and excel calculations, but now I literally say to my team members, ‘just press the button,’ and we can instantly create any report we need.
Bob Ritzmann President – Alltrade Industrial

Reporting Functionality

Reports that Suit Everyone’s Needs

Various reporting options provide team members of all levels with the ability to stay in the loop and make informed decisions.

Leverage Business Intelligence

Easy to use reporting, with WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) controls, help you to create graphical reports and display them on a dashboard. Easily pull in any field in Jonas to see the data your way.

Get very creative with Advanced Reporting

For all you report junkies, use your knowledge of Excel and SQL to create those sought-after reports.

Elevate your reporting with Jonas Cloud

View any reports whether you are in the field or the office, on any device. No more paper processes, time-consuming exporting, manual re-entry, or tedious formatting. Use integrated reporting functionality to get all the data you need on the go — exactly when and where you want it.

the Next Level

Client Case Study

In business since 1950, Western Oil Services Ltd. provides services to retail and commercial petroleum facilities, municipal, provincial, and federal government operations, retail/fleet vehicle wash facilities, marine, forestry, and other industrial operations.

In order to improve poor reporting capabilities, Western Oil Services moved on from an older software system that wasn’t meeting their needs.

Having Jonas in place has provided Western Oil Services with:

Frequently Asked Questions

Construction and Service businesses move at their own pace. Being able to measure and adjust that pace, while in motion, will help you navigate. Here are some of the reasons why construction firms and service businesses should pay adequate attention to their reporting.
  • Reports keep administrators, clients, and stakeholders informed and updated on all project activities.
  • Construction reports, alongside construction documents, provide the best insurance against legal action. If a dispute occurs, daily reports with attached documents are one of the most valuable pieces of evidence to have.
  • Reports help monitor and improve your construction performance, increase productivity, and keep everyone informed and accountable.
  • Detailed, drillable reports help catch small issues before they become big issues.

Instead of spending lots of time and resources writing down notes on scratch pads and transferring them in the official document or template, project managers can quickly jot down observations on their mobile devices. With such an abundance of available data, you open the door to dozens of money-saving ideas. In order for data to be usable and effective, it needs to be timely, too. When you have access to relevant data sources when you need them, you won’t make decisions that will ultimately cost you more.


And when the data is integrated, your construction accounting, project management, and service management software share the same data sets with your reporting tools. This minimizes rework and saves hundreds of hours for your team having to rekey data. Not only does construction reporting software reduce headaches for your team, but the time saved means money saved.

Gain complete visibility of all of your construction and service business projects

Start generating accurate and timely reports to power your business decisions.