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Construction Equipment Maintenance Software

Easily create, manage, renew, and schedule planned maintenance agreements with Jonas’ construction equipment maintenance software.

Ensure that on-site equipment is well-maintained, in good working order, and safe.

Be proactive with on-site equipment by tracking assets and warranties and accessing previous work performed.
Reduce time and effort… Easily create, manage, and schedule maintenance tickets, all on one platform


With Jonas, we have been able to increase efficiency in our service and workflows. We are able to handle a greater amount of jobs and reduce expenses by not having to add any additional back office staff.
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Preventative Maintenance Contracts Functionality

Easily Manage a Planned Maintenance Agreement

Create multiple preventative maintenance tickets with the click of a button and assign them through the dispatch board.

Fully customize your preventative service agreements

Modify your agreements with numerous options so they fully align with your customer’s needs or manufacturer’s requirements.

Access Previous Service History

Field Technicians can access full work history and identify issues before they occur. This allows you to provide maintenance more efficiently

Flexible Billing Options

Create a service contract either time of service or on a scheduled basis to save time and become more productive in the process.

Automatic Renewals

Use automatic renewals to cut back on admin time, and create smooth annual transitions for your customers.

Empower Your Customers

The Jonas eService portal provides your customers with full access to their service contract details and history.

Jonas Cloud Takes Your Preventative Maintenance Contracts to the Next Level

Enjoy access to your preventative agreements any time, anywhere. Drill down on contracts and supporting documents from any device, and view all the tickets and appointments on the dispatch scheduler board. Conveniently avoid dealing with backups and enjoy peace of mind knowing your information is secure in the cloud.

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Client Case Study

BCI Mechanical Inc. specializes in air conditioning and plumbing solutions, primarily servicing the private residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.

growing their business, enhancing customer satisfaction, and integrating their functional areas, BCI realized that their previous software system no longer meets their needs going forward.

Having Jonas in place has provided BCI with:

Frequently Asked Questions

Preventive maintenance refers to periodical general servicing and emergency repairs performed by the preventive maintenance provider that holds an agreement for the facility. Preventative maintenance has many benefits for the property or equipment owner, as it decreases energy consumption, boosts equipment life, decreases downtime, and significantly improves comfort and safety.

Preventative maintenance contracts are an excellent additional source of revenue and they also help improve customer satisfaction. When you have a large contract base, you do not risk becoming dependent on just one account. Preventative maintenance also ensures a more predictable cash flow, since the cost of the agreements over an extended period protects from dips in revenue. Thanks to the sophisticated service management software, you can perform better labor planning and forecasting.

Preventative maintenance contracts must define the duration and frequency of servicing, pricing, and payment schedule. It should also include a list of the equipment that will be serviced.
Additionally, a good contract should also outline the steps to take if the equipment breaks due to natural disasters or other unforeseen circumstances.

Don’t Let Your Construction
Business Fly Blind!

Streamline preventative maintenance service contract creation and management with full integration and an automated preventative maintenance management system.