Benefits of a Construction Management Software Solution in Your Day-to-Day Business

Benefits of a Construction Management Software Solution in Your Day-to-Day Business

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Sep 15, 2015

Using manual business processes can critically impact your day-to-day business. Creating schedules by hand and having to manually edit them is not a very efficient process. Losing paperwork or forgetting to keep your customers updated on a service change can lead to an unhappy customer base. Fortunately for you, there is a way to help deal with these situations: a construction management software solution.
The benefits of a construction management system in your day-to-day business can be seen in the following areas: collaboration, productivity, organization, and quality of work, according to Julia DeCelles-Zwerneman of Capterra. These four elements of your construction business can be greatly enhanced with a construction management software in place.
Having a construction management solution in place improves communication between the office and field, providing your field technicians with more support and access to customer information. By having your project managers/techs access their schedules and seamlessly load their hours into their mobile devices directly is a real time-saver. This limits the field personnel from having to travel back to the office multiple times per day. Dispatch is also able to send information directly to the technician’s phone and GPS will track to ensure they are at the right job, thus avoiding scheduling issues.
With an integrated construction management software, you can automate the entire end-to-end process. Project managers can enter time in from the field for real-time job cost tracking through to payroll and billing. It also allows for any change orders, PO’s, submittal and transmittals to be automatically created, stored and attached to the job with full workflows and approvals. For Service Managers, work orders flow right to the field and flow back for automated billing and invoicing, through to payroll. Handling multiple types of service contracts that automatically renew, reduces the amount of manual work needed to keep these contracts organized. Any reduction in monotonous work creates more time for your employees to complete other tasks and improve overall efficiency.
A construction management software solution can keep track of all aspects relating to a specific job or work order. By allowing greater remote access for your field personnel, you will have a truly integrated solution to handle the daily workflow of your operations. For example, the Dispatch Board, gives the dispatcher the ability to locate technicians via GPS and assign work orders directly to them. Technicians will also be able to submit their work orders and even pictures the job directly from the site, thus reducing lost paperwork and keeping all pertinent information stored within one software solution.
Quality of Work
Through improving overall efficiencies by utilizing a construction management solution, not only will your quality of work will be greatly improved, but your customer satisfaction will be improved as well. Managing your information will be seamless and generating reports will be a more streamlined and efficient process. Through having accurate and up-to-date information available, your technicians will be able to perform the job right the first time, which will leave your customers happy with a job well done.
Reduce the stress in your life and upgrade to an integrated and automated construction management software solution today!

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