Five Construction Software Functionalities That Are Essential for Success in 2018

Mar 05, 2018

While construction companies would acknowledge they require some sort of construction software to handle the day-to-day operations of their business, many would be surprised to learn that specific features exist that can provide their business with a competitive advantage. As the construction industry continues to grow and evolve, so must your construction software solution. Selecting a software vendor that continually invests in research and development, thus ensuring their product is always at its best, will help your business continue to improve as well. Additionally, with all of the recent advancements in technology, combined with increasingly rapid technology adoption rates, both customers and employees are expecting to leverage these new technologies. With that being said, here are five construction software functionalities that are essential for success in 2018.

Mobile Capabilities

With the increased usage of mobile devices, tablets, and laptops on the jobsite, construction companies want to be able to do more out of the office than ever before. Construction software vendors today offer a wide variety of mobile solutions, from time entry to project management, which has greatly increased the ability for construction companies to operate more efficiently. The reduction in pen and paper, as well as manual processes, has drastically improved the effectiveness and timeliness of construction businesses, while reducing data entry errors and duplicate entries at the same time. In addition, millennials who are joining the construction workforce have grown up with this technology at their disposal, and are therefore expecting their employers to offer a software solution with mobile capabilities. Although mobile solutions have been around for several years now, they are becoming, if not already, essential to operating a successful construction business and staying on par with the competition.

Business Intelligence

In many cases, construction companies who believe that they are operating efficiently could actually be doing more to maximize their performance. The problem many businesses encounter is that they are unable to identify the areas in which their business is lacking, hindering visibility and operational insight in the process. This is where a solution such as business intelligence comes in handy. Business intelligence provides companies with the ability to analyze how the business is doing in real-time, helping to improve and expedite the decision-making process. This solution also organizes your data in an easy to read format, allowing your business gain insights into specific areas of the business that may require improvements. Not only is all of your business’ data accessible through a single location, it is integrated throughout the software to ensure the data is consistent and accurate. These insights are also available on any mobile device, which provides access to this information when you need it most.

Scheduling & Team Management

While it is not uncommon for construction companies to use a separate software package to handle their service scheduling and team management, the result is often disjointed with a lack of integration to their existing system. With both service and team management built into a construction software solution, all data entered can be directed applied to specific work orders and customers. Additionally, construction software solutions have steadily improved and upgraded their service capabilities to include mobile and GPS technology. This allows service managers to easily dispatch jobs to any technician or assign tasks to any team member, while being able to track and manage technician utilization as well. On the other hand, technicians are able to access and create work orders or quotes, update and view service history, and even capture signatures directly from the field to finalize the job. With all of this information directly syncing back within the software solution, your business can rest assured that all service details are both completed and trackable, while ensuring all team members are operating as efficiently as possible.

Document Management

With numerous work orders, invoices, and purchase orders coming in on daily basis, it is essential in 2018 to have a fully integrated, digital, and operational document management system. Although some construction businesses are still using traditional paper filing methods, these companies are likely both operating inefficiently and have reached their maximum capacity. With the improvements in technology, document management systems have advanced to offer greater enhancements and functionalities. While current document management systems allow for general storage of business documents, these solutions have evolved to provide better organization, search capabilities, and mobile access as well. As documents are loaded into the document management system, they are attached to the appropriate company and stored in a single location, allowing for easy search and retrieval of documents. This can be done from the office, but also from a mobile device, providing even greater access for your business. Not only will your customers appreciate faster turnaround times, but your employees will be more satisfied with a simple to use, yet robust document management solution.

Accounting & Financial Reporting

Although numerous features and functionalities now exist to help streamline operations, there are still tried and true aspects of a construction software solution that must be considered. Nothing can be more important than accurate financials and detailed reporting, as this is the backbone of any business regardless of industry. With that being said, it is crucial that your construction software solution offers dependable and integrated accounting, with numbers your business can rely on. Additionally, a growing requirement in the world of construction software has been the ability to create custom reports. In conjunction with tools such as business intelligence, construction companies are able to have monthly, weekly, or even daily reports to help better understand the business. This information is vital to ensuring your construction business stays profitable, and has the necessary insights to gain a competitive advantage.

If your current software package does not offer these capabilities, it may be time to consider other options, as your business may be missing out on opportunities to improve performance and increase profitability. Here at Jonas, we have curated seven great resources to help businesses ease the software selection process. Download our SOFTWARE SELECTION GUIDE BUNDLE today and gain access to eBooks, videos, brochures, and a webinar that will aid your business in selecting the right software solution!



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