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Give Your Construction Field Management System a Facelift

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Megan Ng

Megan Ng

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Last Updated on July 17, 2023

Aug 31, 2015

Do you feel disconnected from your field technicians? Is it becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of what jobs are being completed and by whom? Is most of your day stuck behind a desk manually creating and managing charts and spreadsheets? Do you find the time it takes to receive information from the field too slow? These are just some of the pains that can result from having an outdated and disconnected field management system. If these are questions you regularly ask yourself, it may be time to upgrade to a more integrated and automated field management solution.

Customer Satisfaction
Field service technicians are the front line of any service-based business. They deal directly with your customers and represent your business on a daily basis. With that being said, customers today are looking for greater service that goes above and beyond, or they will simply move on to the next company. For example, Jonas’ Dispatch Scheduler assigns a work order to the correct service technician and the technician is then able to receive these work orders, not only ensuring the technician is aware of the work order, but has the necessary equipment to complete the task. Also, the technician will have all of the necessary knowledge and information relating to the job, and if the technician happens to require any further information, it can quickly and easily be pulled from Jonas. Your customers will be happy the job is done right the first time and will be more inclined to use your company again in the future.
Less Wasted Time
Being able to keep track of your service technician’s time on site, completion of work orders, and availability for future jobs are just some of the benefits of a construction field management system. The result of implementing a field management system to your construction business is reduced downtime and costs. Jonas’ enhanced eMobile solution provides your business with better communication between the office and your field service technicians. A technician would now have the ability to capture images and documents on a work order, which can be sent directly back to the office. Imagine how much time can be saved if your field service technicians are able to complete all the paperwork and their hours directly from their mobile device in-field.
Efficiency to Profitability
Improving the efficiency in which your business runs at, directly correlates to increased revenues. According to an Aberdeen Group study, best in-class service organizations can earn 26% higher profit margins, as compared with 15% for the typical firm. The study goes on to say that these firms also maintain higher service-level agreement rates and can bill their customers far more quickly. Therefore, enhancing productivity would not only give your field service technicians more time available to complete additional jobs, but with enhanced in-field capabilities, there would be significant travel cost savings, both leading to greater profitability.
Check out how Jonas’ solutions can help increase the productivity of your construction service operation.

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