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How Mobile Technologies Can Improve Your Service-Based Construction Business

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Last Updated on July 4, 2024

Aug 13, 2015

With the emergence of mobile tools and technologies, construction businesses now have even more opportunities to optimize their operations. Mobile tools and services are quickly becoming essential to keeping up with competitors in the industry and not falling behind. Utilizing these mobile technologies will allow your construction business to streamline its efforts, while increasing revenue by growing your customer base and improving quality at the same time. The benefits of implementing mobile services with your integrated construction solution can prove to be effective, and have you asking yourself why you didn’t go mobile sooner.
Increase Revenue & Improve Customer Satisfaction
Implementing a mobile solution, such as Jonas’ eMobile module, helps to save time by allowing field technicians to enter data directly from the job site. Field workers can receive or create work orders, view technician history and notes, and create new quotes for additional work, which allows the work to be completed faster These cost savings and improved efficiencies not only will help to increase profitability, but also leave your customers more satisfied as well.
Avoid Costly Errors
Mobile solutions can help to reduce redundancy by eliminating the need for paperwork and avoiding data entry errors. Using physical paperwork can lead to a variety of problems. The field technician may forget to submit the paperwork entirely, or the paperwork could simply get lost in the shuffle and never be entered at all. Even if the physical information was submitted correctly, there is still the possibility the data may be entered into the system incorrectly as it hard to read handwritten notes. Jonas’s eMobile solution, mitigates payroll mistakes by allowing field technicians to submit their hours directly from the field. Afterwards accounting would simply need to review and approve these hours from within Jonas then they are automatically processed by the Jonas system.

Global Positioning Systems (GPS)
GPS technology allows you to keep track of your field technicians and make smarter decisions regarding the planning of their schedules. Utilizing GPS allows greater communication between the office and field, whereby your technicians can avoid having to return to the office to locate their next job. This helps lower your technician’s travel costs, while allowing them to work in the field more efficiently. The GPS Routing module by Jonas uses Google Maps to plot the real-time location of your technicians and work orders directly on the Dispatch Scheduler. It integrates with your preferred GPS provider so that your dispatcher can save valuable time plotting the most efficient route for your technicians.
Utilizing mobile solutions can greatly improve the efficiency in which your company conducts its business and provide a more organized work environment. Check out our Web-Based Modules to see how Jonas’ mobile solutions can help improve your business.

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