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Integrated Construction Software: Why Your Business Has a NEED for It

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Last Updated on July 17, 2023

As an owner, your time is already limited as it is. Between assessing day-to-day operational functions and maintaining employee and business relations, the last thing you want to worry about is an underperforming and underwhelming construction software. If you are using old methods to solve new problems when it comes to your construction business processes, there is a good chance your business could stand to benefit from a more integrated and automated construction management solution.

Does your construction business have the NEED?
Newly Growing
If your business is growing exponentially, an automated and integrated software solution can prove integral to remaining efficient. While growth is encouraging, it can create problems as well. If your current software solution is inadequate, you may find yourself spending money to patch up problems.
Enhance Work Quality
With a more integrated and functional construction solution, your employees will be more equipped to handle their daily tasks easily and efficiently. All important documents are stored in one easily accessible location, giving your employees access to real-time, accurate information so they can make informed decisions. Having a fully integrated mobile and document management solution, field technician’s lives become easier as they can now perform create and receive quotes and work orders directly from the field. The happier your employees are, the more likely they are to perform better, and the happier your customers will be.
Easy Reporting
The benefit of an integrated construction management solution is the ability to access all pertinent information in a single view. From this dashboard view, you are able to drill down into more detail and view the actual paper work and invoices, which can help to understand where any variances or discrepancies are occurring. By having accurate information readily available within your software solution already, generating reports that are relevant today becomes quick and easy to do.
Data Management
With documents such as invoices, work orders, and reports automatically saved and stored within your construction software solution, you can spend less time manually managing your data and more time understanding what this information means. With information being sent directly from the field, billing cycles can be shortened and customers can be invoiced the same day. By maintaining all documents within one computerized system, your business can shift to a paperless environment, eliminating the issue of lost or misplaced documents while reducing costs at the same time.
If you believe your business has a NEED for change, an integrated construction software system by Jonas may be the solution you are looking for.

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