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Jonas Construction Software Announces Procore Partnership to Deepen Integration Between Project Management and Accounting Systems

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Last Updated on February 4, 2024

Facilitate information flow between project management and accounting solutions to address the needs of owners/operators, project managers, and accounting teams

MARKHAM, ON – November 3, 2021Jonas Construction Software, a provider of construction & service accounting software, is pleased to announce its partnership with Procore Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: PCOR), a leading provider of construction management software.

The new Jonas integration with the Procore platform addresses the challenge of getting timely cost and financial reports for business owners, project managers, and accounting teams. According to PWC, 77% of high-performing projects use integrated project management software. By integrating Procore’s project management products and Jonas’ capabilities, construction businesses can benefit from the following:

· Owners and operators gain confidence in their forecasted margins and committed costs, streamlining payroll and accounting, while avoiding over and under-billing.
· Project managers improve collaboration and workflows by managing budgets and change orders to achieve more accurate estimates.
· Construction accounting specialists make more informed decisions when managing delinquent accounts and outstanding payments, while avoiding double data entry and manual data entry mistakes.

Businesses are constantly looking for ways to increase efficiency. This new integration eliminates manual processes for those who are creating change orders, purchase orders, and subcontracts in two different systems, effectively eliminating duplicate work, and the opportunity for errors. The integration not only saves users time, but also ensures more accurate data without the need for manual entry.

“Jonas and Procore complement each other perfectly. Partnering with Procore provides contractors the ability to turn job-level details into actionable cost analysis reports the moment they need them, so they can make business decisions to meet their forecasted profits,” said Orton Baker, Jonas VP of Research & Development. “We’re now giving our customers the ability to have data seamlessly transferred between solutions, for example, pushing paid invoices from Jonas to Procore to satisfy commitment requisitions. Businesses will gain time and get information faster, which they can use to analyze the bigger picture – making timely business decisions to increase profits.”

Construction productivity and profitability have been impacted by regulations, the skilled labor shortage, and material prices, resulting in the hypothetical door being closed on some opportunities. On the flip side, the Jonas-Procore integration provides businesses with a new opportunity to reduce time spent on non-optimal activities like paperwork and data entry.

“Procore has been working for almost 20 years to help connect everyone in construction on a global platform, and this partnership with Jonas is the next step in that mission,” said Jas Saraw, Procore’s Vice President of Canada. “We’re excited to bring this integration to our customers, and to be able to help streamline how their teams work together so they can build smarter and grow into the future without constraints.”

Baker added, “Jonas has a rich history of enabling contractors to better manage construction finances and drive predictable financial growth. With this new partnership and integration, we’re excited to help our customers manage their projects and financials, and the integration synergies between the two solutions.”

To learn more about the integration, visit the Procore App Marketplace.

About Jonas Construction Software:
Founded in 1990, Jonas Construction Software is a leading provider of integrated construction software solutions to the North American Construction and Service Contractor markets. Jonas’ fully integrated solutions provide all of the tools needed to increase productivity and improve your bottom line. With Jonas, construction and service businesses can better focus on what is important – their customers, jobs, and employees. Jonas’ solutions are used by over 1,200 contractors and over 40,000 users, to improve efficiency and drive revenue. Jonas has over 40 fully integrated modules to help contractors reach their business goals. Enabled by data and technology, Jonas exists to build a better construction world, helping to create long-term value for their clients. To learn more, visit www.jonasconstruction.com.

About Procore
Procore is a leading provider of construction management software. Over 1 million projects and more than $1 trillion USD in construction volume have run on Procore’s platform. Procore’s platform connects key project stakeholders to solutions Procore has built specifically for the construction industry—for the owner, the general contractor, and the specialty contractor. Procore’s App Marketplace has a multitude of partner solutions that integrate seamlessly with Procore’s platform, giving construction professionals the freedom to connect with what works best for them. Headquartered in Carpinteria, California, Procore has offices around the globe. Learn more at Procore.com.


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