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Locate a More Efficient Construction Software Solution with GPS and Mobile Technology

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Last Updated on July 17, 2023

Mar 02, 2016

With technology improving and access to real-time information increasing, gone are the days of handling dispatch with an Excel spreadsheet or an outdated system. As businesses grow, leveraging technology to stay afloat becomes a necessity rather than an option. This is no different in the construction industry. While many new forms of technology are available, many of those in the industry are simply either unaware or don’t believe new technology can improve upon their business. This blog takes a look at service management and specifically how GPS and mobile technology can increase the efficiency of your dispatch system.


If your current dispatch system does not include GPS routing technology, opportunities are being missed to increase the effectiveness and utilization of your dispatch operation. The main benefit to GPS technology revolves around efficiency. Through integrated GPS within your dispatch scheduler, dispatchers can save valuable time plotting the most efficient route for your technicians and the technicians will be able to complete more jobs as well. Instead of having to sort through schedules, locations, and numerous technicians, a dispatcher can simply accept the service request and then locate the nearest technician to that job. Furthermore, imagine a scenario where GPS technology is combined with mobile field service functionality and the benefits increase immensely. The technician would then be able to access the service order right from their mobile device, view previous technician history and notes, and even create new quotes for additional work. Service orders could be completed from the jobsite, as signatures can be captured directly from the mobile device and a customer summary sheet detailing the work completed could be provided as well. All information entered into the smartphone or tablet would be synchronized back into the system to update payroll and billing information.


Looking at the scenario above, this clearly demonstrates the added benefits of time savings, increased efficiency, and improved employee as well as customer satisfaction. All of these benefits could be realized by simply utilizing a construction software solution with GPS and mobile technology.


If you are thinking to yourself, “our software system isn’t nearly as efficient as this, let alone capable of implementing GPS or mobile technology,” then it may be time to make a change. Providing full visibility, with service dispatch and mobility solutions on personnel, equipment, documents, and contracts, Jonas Construction Software enables Service Managers to efficiently run their business and understand their profitability and utilization. With automated threshold-based reporting and workflow, billing, and service contract renewals, Jonas facilitates running a high speed and volume service-based contractor business. Through utilizing the latest mobile technology in the industry with Jonas, service managers can better track their overall efficiency and technicians in the field will be more effective as well.


Click HERE to watch our video for service managers and find out how your service-based business can benefit with Jonas!

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