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Still in the Dark Regarding Your Construction System Needs?

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Last Updated on July 17, 2023

Aug 07, 2015

Making the decision to change from a traditional project management approach to a more modern and functional construction management system can seem like a daunting task. But with pressures to reduce costs, while at the same time creating additional value, construction software provides a great solution to streamline operations and improve efficiency. With that being said, you still may be unsure about whether you need to start using an integrated construction system or even upgrade to a more functional construction software package. Here are five things to consider when deciding if an automated and integrated construction software is right for you.

1. What are the current restrictions of your existing project management software?
When performing an internal audit of your current software system, or systems, if you find the performance to be lacking in functionality then it may be time to start looking at a more integrated software solution. Using multiple programs to consolidate data is risky, as the data is vulnerable to manual errors. An integrated construction software not only avoids these costly mistakes, but also reduces the amount of manual work required overall. For example, your business can go paperless with document management functionalities, giving you the ability to do approvals for manual purchase orders, change orders, submittals and transmittals, and thus improving efficiency.
2. How much is your current system costing you?
Reducing waste and inefficiencies is paramount to success in any business. When your employees are spending time on tasks that could easily be automated, such as gathering and entering data, uploading, and importing information between systems manually, there is a lot of wasted time, effort, and money. Utilizing an all-in-one software solution can eliminate these excess costs while improving efficiency and therefore increasing profits. Attaining and maintaining operational quality can also prove quite difficult with an inefficient software solution. Data locked in various spreadsheets or within multiple databases can lead to difficulties in consolidating that data and any problems that arise may be discovered too late. Having a single database, which would be accessible by all employees, provides a single source of information virtually eliminating any errors or problems that may occur.
3. Is customer service a priority for your business?
Poor service, no matter in what business or industry, will have your customers thinking twice about giving you their business, or keeping it. For example, if a technician shows up to your home without the slightest idea of what work needs to be done, you wouldn’t be happy to say the least. If the business was utilizing a construction system with integrated dispatch functionalities, they would ensure that the right technician is at the right job, with the proper tools, and therefore positioning your business to succeed.
4. Is your current system mobile?
If you answered no to this question, your business is experiencing costs that could be otherwise eliminated with a mobile solution. Going mobile allows field technicians to upload pictures and work details directly from the job site, instead of having to return to the office, saving travel costs and man hours.
5. Are you able to access a full ‘dashboard’ view of your business?
Having all pertinent information available in a single view, which can be accessed quickly, allows for greater efficiency in understanding the current status of your business. With the ability to drill down further to access the actual paper work associated with the numbers, keeping track of revenue and costs by job and phase is a breeze.
Jonas delivers an all-in one solution for service and construction based companies. By integrating field and office into a single unified solution, Jonas provides a holistic view of the business at all levels, to deliver strong operational and financial reporting. Jonas helps companies plan, manage and measure all areas of the operation.

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