Sycamore Engineering

Case Study: Sycamore Engineering

Founded in 1960, Sycamore Engineering provides mechanical, electrical, plumbing services and sheet metal fabrication for construction projects. Over the years, their business has grown to also include telecommunications, engineering & design and carpentry services.

As a long-time partner of Jonas since 2000, Controller Thomas Smith and his team were pleased with their existing Jonas software, but were searching for specific functionalities to improve business efficiencies and reduce costs. After researching alternative construction software solutions, Smith realized that the features their company required were available in Jonas all along. Since Sycamore’s initial implementation, Smith and his discovered that Jonas had released additional modules and functions to cater to the changing needs of the industry, which Smith and his team were able to take advantage of.

After implementing EBI, eMobile, Field Time and Jonas Document Management into their existing Jonas system, Sycamore Engineering experienced the following benefits:

• Eliminated handwritten time cards
• Saved costs from being a paperless operation
• Opened up at 2000 sq ft space for a new office space
• Decreased fuel costs
• Increased onsite productivity
• Better management of labor
• More visibility into the business operations

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