Kim Goldberg


I am passionate about working with the teams, assisting with the strategic direction, finding ways to help the company succeed and enjoying life. Before joining Jonas, I had over 37 years working with our group portfolio of companies. Overseeing departments including sales, account management, support, professional services and contract administration. What I love about Jonas is that every day it is a new adventure and opportunity. The camaraderie and compassion within the company cannot be surpassed. Every day is a pleasure. On a personal note, I enjoy attending Shelby car rallies in the U.S. and Europe with my husband. When home, I love relaxing and swimming with my golden retrievers.

Neil Ashizawa


I am passionate about helping our clients’ business owners, executive teams and their staffs to fulfill their personal, career and business ambitions. Before joining Jonas, I have held roles such as, Client Support, Educational Services, Head of Professional Services, Client Success Management, VP of Products, Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Executive Officer. What I love about Jonas is that every day I get to fulfill my passion, helping our clients achieve their ambitions; while simultaneously helping our internal team with their own personal, career and business ambitions; as they both are deeply connected. On a personal note, I enjoy learning all of the fascinating aspects of our world; examining society and how people build relationships, playing golf and rooting for the Golden State Warriors basketball team.

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Orton Baker


I am passionate about continuous growth on a personal and business level, and try to live by the saying “never stand still, always look for opportunities”. Since joining Jonas in 1996 I have held a number of positions across the support and development departments within both Construction and Club verticals. I currently oversee Research & Development, Product Management and Quality Assurance teams in Jonas Construction. Before joining Jonas, I worked for 6 years at a company specializing in Automotive Dealership software in positions ranging from Developer to Project Manager for Canadian operations. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Computer Science from Bishop’s University.

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Danielle McConnell

Vice President, Customer Support

I am passionate about helping others, delivering exceptional customer service, being a positive role model, coming to work with a smile and a positive attitude everyday. Before joining Jonas, I gained valuable industry knowledge through Construction Accounting, Dispatch and Account Management positions for a Mechanical Contracting business. What I love about Jonas is that we all work well together in a positive way to go above and beyond for our customers. On a personal note, I love to spend time with my family and friends. When I find time, I also enjoy working out or going for a run to clear my mind.

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Shannan Carr

Vice President, Professional Services

I am passionate about helping customers realize the benefits of their investment in technology. Before joining Jonas, I spent years as almost 20 years an auditor and assisted customers with implementing various accounting packages, including other construction focused software. What I love about Jonas is working with customers to see the unique ways in which they utilize Jonas to see the benefits of the software. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family whether it be paddle boarding, hiking or binge watching Netflix.

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Bill Kubas


I am passionate about… building strong teams. I enjoy understanding the passions and goals of individuals, assisting them to achieve them, all while creating a cohesive and successful team culture.

Before joining Jonas… I am a graduate of Wilfrid Laurier University and have over 25 years selling experience in the IT industry, including Cloud, Managed Service , Professional Service, Hardware and Software.

What I love about Jonas.. is the passion and professionalism everyone brings to the job daily to delight our customers.

On a personal note… I enjoy spending time with my family. I enjoy the outdoors and most sports including golf and football. I have been known to binge-watch TV series or two.

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Karoline Lapko


I am passionate about life, my team and leading a vision that expands and re-invents the software industry. I love the idea of creating and building things that change our world. Before joining Jonas, I received my Bachelor of Commerce degree from Laurentian University and have gained 10 years of experience within the construction software industry. Prior to leading Jonas Premier, I was the National Manager at Jonas Enterprise for 1,200+ construction companies. My work experiences range from areas of business strategy, development, sales, marketing and management. What I love about Jonas is the team, as they are truly like a second family to me. On a personal note, I love to laugh and enjoy stand-up comedy as well as a challenging game of chess.

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Parham Mousavi


I am passionate about finding better ways to make customers’ working life simpler, more productive and enjoyable. Before joining Jonas, I gained over 12 years of experience in technology and construction, having consulted hundreds of companies within the construction industry. My work experiences range from business strategy, product vision, software development, professional services, and customer support management. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Life Sciences from University Of Ottawa and University Of Toronto. What I love about Jonas is that I’m constantly challenged and inspired, and I consider myself lucky to work with the most friendly, smart, fun, and passionate people. We work hard and play hard together. On a personal note, I love to laugh and in my spare time, I enjoy watching movies and reading business books.

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Kevin Keenliside


I am passionate about technology and knowledge, as well as any opportunity to continue learning and grow. Before joining Jonas, I developed ERP, Payroll, and Accounting software for over 16 years and shared my thirst for knowledge with others as an educator. What I love about Jonas is the people. We are a people oriented business who focus on delivering an amazing customer experience. On a personal note, I am fascinated by the exploration of the unknown, and am a hands-on individual who is not afraid to get his shoes dirty.

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Oksana Isaev

Vice President of Software Engineering

I am passionate about learning, analyzing and effectively utilizing innovative technologies to deliver business oriented, market competitive and high quality solutions which meet and exceed customers’ expectations and make a great impact on profitability and growth. I enjoy supporting the success of my team with and our customers. Before joining Jonas, I received my PMP, CSM, MCSD, and MCAD certifications, along with being a software applications, programming and quality assurance instructor. I also was a computer programmer and a teacher of music and music theory. What I love about Jonas is that we have a unique, family-like environment where everybody has an equal opportunity to express themselves and reach their full potential. On a personal note, I am very family-oriented. I like music, books, travelling, cooking, decorating and renovating everything around me.

Oren Falkovitz

Director of Marketing

I am passionate about overseeing our day to day marketing processes. Before joining Jonas, my interest in marketing started with my University Degree, from Carlton University, in Film Studies. I loved the idea of how images, words, and sounds could influence an audience. This led me to my post-graduate course in Marketing Management at Seneca College where my passion for loyalty marketing and advertising grew. Within the last couple years of being at Jonas, in my current and previous position as Marketing Coordinator, my interests have grown to include behavior-based marketing, business process efficiencies, and business analytics. What I love about Jonas is the trust. Much like a family, everyone wants to make sure the company and its customers are successful. On a personal note, I enjoy travelling, finding great “hole-in-the-wall” restaurants, binge-watching television shows, and going to see movies.

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Anne Stevenson

Manager, Product Management

I am passionate about creating a Jonas that is highly functional and effective for our clients. I love hearing from our customers and getting their honest feedback about the software so that we can make it better for them. Before joining Jonas, I earned a BSc from the University of Toronto and began my career as a Marketing Analyst. After taking some time away to raise a family, I became involved in the Construction Industry and held various accounting roles for almost 15 years, before moving to Jonas eight years ago. I enjoyed several years as a ‘Jonas road warrior’, travelling North America and the Caribbean to train our fabulous clients, before moving into the role of Product Manager. I am excited every day to take all that I learned as a Trainer to make the product the best it can be for our clients. What I love about Jonas is the people. The old saying about ‘not getting to choose your family’ goes for your co-workers as well. You often don’t have a say in who sits next to you or who you have to collaborate with. At Jonas, our co-workers are also our friends; the people we look forward to spending time with after work is done. On a personal note, I love to travel and learn about new and different places.  Closer to home, I enjoy sailing Georgian Bay, Kayaking, and Gardening.

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Ashley Pagliaro


I am passionate about people. I enjoy building long lasting relationships and learning about other’s perspectives on life. I believe wisdom is key in life and sharing life experiences with the people you love and care about is most important. I am passionate about my role here at Jonas because it allows me to apply my passion for people in my work. Before joining Jonas, I attended Seneca College studying business and marketing while working full time at Nestle Canada in the ice cream division as an account representative. What I love about Jonas, is that they provide their employees with the ability to excel and grow into roles that are best suited for their personality and strengths. We pride ourselves on our people, and having said that, we are given the opportunity to attended courses to better ourselves such as leadership, communication, and personal growth workshops. On a personal note, I danced competitively for 14 years in various styles such as ballet, jazz, tap, hip-hop and contemporary. I value family and friends. I enjoy trying new things, as anything that takes me out of my comfort zone allows me to learn different things about myself. I absolutely love to travel and have a bucket list of places and things to do in each country I visit.