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Jonas Construction Software Expands Its Suite of Web-Based Products

Jonas Construction Software expands Its suite of web-based products with the release of eDigio. Jonas Construction Software, a leader in business management and accounting software for the construction industry, announced today the launch of eDigio, a new web-based module for their Enterprise product.

“We are pleased to build on our web-based solutions portfolio and give Jonas contractors another opportunity to work beyond their four walls”, says Orton Baker, Vice President of Development. “The evolution of web-based technologies has changed the way many industries operate, including the construction industry. Contractors need to find ways to streamline operations and transfer information faster”.

eDigio is the latest enhancement to the Jonas Document Management System, Digio, which is designed to provide a centralized location for organizing paperwork and electronic documents, improve communication between the field and the office, and streamline approval processes. It helps simplify daily workload, lower administrative costs and eliminate time wasted on searching for documents. It also mitigates the risk associated with not finding critical project documents. Now, with eDigio, contractors can access any document wherever there is access to the internet. This new module enables easy routing of documents for approval to third parties including architects, engineers and subcontractors.

“In today’s competitive landscape, paper-based methods of processing Change Orders, Addendums, Transmittals and Submittals, doesn’t cut it”, says Baker. “eDigio, will give Jonas contractors an edge by enabling them to bid on, win and complete jobs quicker”.

About Jonas Construction Software
Founded in 1990, Jonas Construction is a leading provider of business management and accounting software solutions to the North American Construction and Service Contractor markets. Our solutions are used by over 1000 specialty and general contractors to improve efficiency and drive revenue. Jonas Enterprise has over 40 fully integrated modules to help contractors reach their business goals.