Jonas Construction Partners with LCPtracker for a Streamlined Certified Payroll and Compliance Solution

Jonas Construction Software, a fully-integrated and automated construction management software solution is pleased to announce its partnership with LCPtracker. LCPtracker is a leading cloud-based software solution for construction site compliance management, certified payroll, and workforce reporting.

The partnership between Jonas and LCPtracker will allow Jonas clients to export their payroll records into a format compatible with LCPtracker’s system to produce certified payroll reports. Once uploaded into the system, LCPtracker’s validation engine reviews the data for accuracy and completeness and alerts the user of any errors and discrepancies.

“We are excited to embark on this partnership with Jonas Construction Software,” said Steven Hesse, Business Unit Director of LCPcertified. “These types of integrations help us advance our commitment of streamlining labor compliance. We understand our clients have priorities beyond certified payroll reporting. Adding more efficiency to their administrative processes and workflows is paramount so that they have the freedom to re-shift their focus back to those priorities.”

“LCPtracker is an ideal complement to Jonas’ complete construction accounting, service, and business management software,” said Orton Baker, Jonas Construction Vice President of Development and Support. “The integration coincides with our mindset of consistently growing and building better streamlined solutions for our clients, to help them be more efficient and effective at their work.”

With the LCPtracker-Jonas integration, the time spent on certified payroll management is greatly reduced. Not to mention, the risk of penalties and fines that result from negative audits is also decreased, providing Jonas clients with greater confidence when submitting certified payroll reports to governing bodies and prime contractors.

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About LCPtracker
LCPtracker is the leading software solution for construction site compliance management, certified payroll, and workforce reporting. LCPtracker’s Software as a Service (SaaS) technology allows agencies and prime contractors working on construction projects to streamline the collection of certified payroll reports, employee demographics, and related labor compliance documentation by allowing subcontractors to electronically submit all required information. LCPtracker’s exclusive validation engine, advanced compliance tools, and comprehensive reporting assist clients in ensuring full compliance with prevailing wage and workforce requirements. For more information, visit their website at