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Construction Change Order Management

Track and manage pending change orders and internal change orders from start to finish.

Identify the real impact of change orders on projects, timelines, and financials.

Fully integrated change order management automatically updates your job cost estimates, subcontract change orders, and progress/AIA billing.
Simplify the process of tracking different types of change orders including pending and approved change orders.


With our legacy system, entering data was redundant and the way we had to enter our information was not very efficient either. The way Jonas matched and gelled together really fit with the way we were trying to run our business.
upper right corner, representing their dynamic and innovative approach in the construction industry.
Kelly Wentzel Controller – Campbell and Kennedy

Change Order Management Functionality

Complete Change Order Management

Simplify and automate change order processing at each step, from estimates to approvals.

Stay in the Know

Construction-specific contract and change order management software makes it easy for contractors to revise, update, and send easy-to-read change orders to the project team, subcontractors and customers.

Customize your change order forms

Design your own forms to make sure they match your business needs. Customize the forms such as:

Easily Manage Pending Change Orders

Don’t get blindsided by added project costs and delays due to change requests. Handle potential change order issues with ease.

Improved Change Order Billing

Jonas Cloud Takes Your Change Order Management to the Next Level

Keep all vital change order tracking information secure on the Jonas Cloud. Log in securely from anywhere and work as efficiently as you did in the office. In addition to that, software updates are completed frequently and without any additional costs on your part.
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Client Case Study

CAMPBELL AND KENNEDY ELECTRIC LTD. specializes in building and tenant services, design/build, and maintenance since 1955.

With continually improving customer satisfaction and optimizing business operations a priority, Campbell and Kennedy decided to replace their legacy system to help their business succeed.

Having Jonas in place provided Campbell and Kennedy Electric with:

Frequently Asked Questions

In the construction industry, change orders are an inevitable part of the construction process and they can positively or negatively impact your bottom line. If you carefully manage your change orders and record every detail, you reduce your risk and ensure accurate documentation to the original scope of work and adjustments throughout your entire project.


While the original contract may include all the right details and specifications, the progress of the job or site conditions may throw a wrench in your plans. That’s why a construction change order management software fully integrated into job costing and operations, reduces your risk while improving transparency and efficiency for all parties involved.

It’s best to plan for changed work in order to avoid the most common causes of cost overruns. Among things you can do to improve your change order processes are:

  • Communicate early to avoid delays and confusion.
  • Have a digital paper trail to protect you if a dispute arises.
  • Standardize how you handle change order work with the help of change order management software.
With transparent policies and clearly defined procedures, you can make change orders more manageable and simpler both for your company and for your client, limiting the amount of extra work.

Don’t Let Your Construction
Business Fly Blind!

Start managing your change orders like a pro. Stay on top of construction project changes and track your change orders efficiently.